Progress in Star Control II

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Re: Progress in Star Control II

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Oh man, that would have been way funnier if you hadn't said you'd edited it.

So, anyway - it's time to start over. Things have degenerated far enough you're not even going to learn anything useful from continuing. Next time, I suggest taking some notes. Don't go off your memory too much, since you missed a lot of things the first time.
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Re: Progress in Star Control II

Post by Tormuse »

I realize this thread is a bit old, but since no one else said it, I just wanted to point out that the Melnorme give you two pieces of information about the Mycon Deep Children. (In the "Information about alien races" list) The first tells you about the nature of the Deep Children, and the second tells you about the destruction of Syra. You can't talk to Talana about the Deep Children until you get that second piece of information. From your description of your game, Palaste, it sounds like you got the first piece of information, but not the second. I think that's the source of the confusion here. So, it isn't a bug; you just didn't spend enough money. :D

Also, can you really get the information about Syra from the Mycon? :o I thought the Melnorme were the only source of that information! Now, I have to play again just to try that! :P
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