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Re: New Story Line Possibilities with existing SC2 universe?

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:38 pm
by TSC
Anyway making a second post on this...

If you asked me what I PERSONALLY would do with the Storyline, I'd actually do something entirely different.

EVERYONE now expects a story where the Orz/Androsynth thing is the main focus, so I'd actually completely ignore that, and do a Kohr-Ah/Milieu based storyline I'd have an idea for instead. And not do all that much with the Orz. (Maybe just keep that plotline simmering, but nothing more.)

Why? Because it'd be unexpected. If people expect the Orz to be the villain and the Androsynth to return then guess what, that's exactly what I would NOT do myself. I'd try for something unexpected.