The Chmmr Avatar and its design...

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Re: The Chmmr Avatar and its design...

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Angelfish wrote:A discussion in another topic made me wonder about the following.

Robots don't need an athmosphere. Crystalline creatures don't need an athmosphere. Sapphire worlds don't have an athmosphere. The mother ark, I think, doesn't have an athmosphere.
The Chmmr don't need an athmosphere.

Then why does the Chmmr Avatar have wings like an aeroplane?

Short answer; because it looks cool like that. SC2 is space opera, so rule of cool applies.

In universe though, maybe the wings house a twin drive system? Or some impulse engines? Some other ships have wing-y structures like that in the game too, like the Mmrnmhrm, Ur-Quan etc.
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