[SPOILERS] *THEM*: manifestations and forms

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Re: [SPOILERS] *THEM*: manifestations and forms

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But still, no corpses, even no corpses of dead Androsynth shot by Androsynth..

Word from the storywriters, if I remember correctly: something *pulled* them *through*.
edit: the
https://wiki.uqm.stack.nl/Androsynth#note_1 wrote: 1From the 1998 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (Fwiffo is both Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III here):
<LordR-man> Fwiffo- What really happened to the Androsynth in sc2?
<Fwiffo> In regards to the Androsynth: They were snagged by the entity who/which projected its fingers into our dimension (which looked to us as the Orz.)
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Re: [SPOILERS] *THEM*: manifestations and forms

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Pretty sure burk boi was *smelled*
what if he accidentally mentioned something in passing about *THEM* (dun dun dunnn) and uhh

that happens
Y'know, mass effect is pretty similar to star control! wait, no...

wait, kinda?
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