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Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:19 pm
by The Troglodyte
Death 999 wrote:I remember mis-recording some and thinking it was variable the first time I played. Uugh that made things harder than need be.
I've noted that with 15 different points of portals which can whisk one's self clear across space, QuasiSpace portal locations would be notetaking worthy for even the most casual of players.


Captain’s Log - Apr 30, 2157 - QuasiSpace {549.4 : 534.6} - Yellow Alert

On our way to the closest portal at coordinates {544.0 : 532.0} I requested for all of my officers to work closely together with all of the different navigation, science and engineering teams to research and analyze QuasiSpace as best we can to attempt to determine the nature of this realm and what effect it can have on us.

This is uncharted territory, both in its literal context and also from the standpoint that no Human (or possibly Pkunk, Spathi or Zoq-Fot-Pik) has ever been here before, with a presumed nod to our resident Orz. We don’t know if long-term exposure here could have adverse effects, but medical teams have reported that everybody on board is in perfect health and no signs of contamination or contagion of any kind have been detected.

I then instructed my officers to get with the appropriate teams to come up with a specialized mapping of the different QuasiSpace dimensional portals and I wanted a sophisticated representation graphed for me so we could use our ship’s computer interface to properly map out all of the various places each individual portal would transport us. I told them specifically that I wanted it to be digitally enhanced with different features to help distinguish which areas of space we’re magically transporting to… plus I told them I wanted it to look cool.

However, as soon as I handed out the assignments, we started to get reports from all over the ship about numerous problems we’re encountering, presumably from the unusual effect of QuasiSpace having on our ship’s systems the longer we stay here exposed to it. At first, they seemed like issues of little concern, but they still seemed pretty weird:

***EMERGENCY REPORT FROM SCIENCE LABS: Holy smokes! There seems to be a feedback loop on the magnetic wavefront relay booster on the neutrino Tyrannosaurus Rex proton actuator that is affecting the output of the nucleonic E-M harmonic interface.

A T-Rex actuator? Confusing. Then, after we were well on our way and about a third of the way to the nearest dimensional portal, I got another unusual report:

***EMERGENCY REPORT FROM STELLAR CARTOGRAPHY: Awww shucks! If we don’t realign the linear polaron phase variance discriminators, then we’ll have no other choice but to electrify and remodulate the plasma stream conduit until the gravimetric inversion emission buffers have properly cooled so the reciprocating pink bismuth pumps will stop clogging!

Ok, so I never knew the ship could get upset stomach… But then I got a baffling report that I couldn’t figure out at all!:

***EMERGENCY REPORT FROM ENGINEERING: Gadzooks! We need to take the quantum opossum invertor field relays off-line while we recalibrate the master thermal pizza condenser port coupling assembly array to prevent the verteron particle condenser from overloading the photonic tertiary manifold transponders!!

Not that any of the previous reports were incredibly enlightening, but I absolutely had no idea what any of this gobble-dee-goop with extra cheese and a side of quantum opossums meant, so I went down to the engine room to ask the chief engineer if he could explain the assessment report, but when I got there I found what appeared to be some kind of Mad Libs technobabble sheet on his desk, which had a familiar ring to it:

***EMERGENCY REPORT FROM ENGINEERING: __________(exclamation)! We need to take the ________________(adj.) ________________(marsupial) _________(noun) __________(adj.) ___________(pl. noun) off-line while we ____________(verb) the _____________(adj.) ___________(adj.) ____________(food) ____________(adj.) ____________(adj.) ____________(noun) ____________(adj.) _____________(noun) to prevent the ____________(adj.) ____________(adj.) ____________(noun) from overloading the __________(adj.) ___________(adv.) _________[adj.) _____________(pl. noun)!!

Hmmm… it would seem that everybody is way too “occupied” to be of any assistance to getting Q-space mapped appropriately, so I guess for the meantime I’m on my own, so I used whatever “equipment” was available and then came up with my own version:


Well, I suppose that’ll have to do for now! We are approaching the first portal point for exploration… which is technically the fifteenth portal. We are going to Yellow Alert. Captain out.

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Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:50 pm
by Draxas
The Troglodyte wrote:I've noted that with 15 different points of portals which can whisk one's self clear across space, QuasiSpace portal locations would be notetaking worthy for even the most casual of players.
You bet. Out of all of the notes I've taken in my many playthroughs of this game, the one that endures and I always dig out for every new game is my Quasispace map that I drew up in 1994 for my first time playing. If you write down nothing else, write down that (or FAQ it, whatever), because trying to use QS without it is an exercise in frustration.

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:14 pm
by krulle
Because you need to fly all the way back, and wait for the eighteenth of the month, again.

It's the only time I ever used the save game function intentionally to make notes and find things out. I remember that well.

Somewhere in the web you can still find the lengthy FAQ I wrote back then....

Oh, and since SC II did not get sold here, I used a copy provided by some "sharing group", whcih also provided a tool to get around the copy protection. Which caused another issue.
My friends version had an issue with a certain item you did not get yet, for me, the natural portal never opened. I used his save game and continued from there, he used mine to end his game.
And there was a second issue, can't tell you about it, though, although it already happened for The Troglodyte, but the issue was in connection with the redundant item, and me having grabbed it very early in the game. At least we assume it was that....

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Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:50 pm
by The Troglodyte
Draxas wrote:Out of all of the notes I've taken in my many playthroughs of this game, the one that endures and I always dig out for every new game is my Quasispace map that I drew up in 1994 for my first time playing.
Do you still have it? Man, I'd love see that old thing! Should be jam-packed with some good old memories. QuasiSpace has proven to be an exciting realm of discovery! Speaking of which…

Captain’s Log - Mar 24, 2157 - Zeta Normae – Status: Green

Before we entered the 15th portal at {544.0 : 532.0}, I activated a secondary time portal that we can continuously use to explore each of these dimensional portals and determine where they lead, but this particular one brought us back into Arilou space at coordinates {036.8 : 633.2}; very near to where the natural portal occurs.

I reactivated the time portal and tried the same one again, and these seem to be stable one-way directional wormholes, and for now, there’s no immediate indication that their destination points will change, so our findings should be considered conclusive until observed otherwise.

We continued with the same procedure -- activating the time portal each time after voyaging to the other side and recording the results, and then re-establishing a secondary time portal as we neared the next spatial flux.

Portal 14, at coordinates {530.0 : 528.0}, proved interesting enough, considering how it yanked us clear across space all the way up to the upper right corner to sector {775.2 : 890.6}, near the Aquarius Constellation, which is where the Melnorme report the Utwig to reside. It was tempting to stick around and explore a little, but I remained steadfast in my resolve to prevent myself from hopping down bunny trails, and therefore returned to Q-space via the secondary time portal.

We entered the next one, portal 12, at {520.0 : 540.0} and it placed us dead center in Ur-Quan/Kohr-Ah space at coordinates {587.0 : 623.2}! Yikes!! And sure enough, bad guy bogeys started popping up all over the place, so I quickly hit the magic reset button.

We tried the one at {520.0 : 514.0}, portal 13, and it took us to the upper left hand corner at coordinates {010.3 : 940.4}, which is near Beta Corvi where the Slylandro live on (or should I rather say “in”) a gas giant in that star system. Excellent! I have a feeling we’ll be returning to this location sometime in the near future.

We proceeded to the next one in the upper left quadrant of my QuasiSpace map at sector {488.0 : 538.0}, portal 7, and it dropped us out in the opposite corner area at coordinates {973.5 : 315.3}, which is reasonably near Zeta Persei, the home star of the Druuge. Another appealing enticement, but we recorded our findings and I returned back to QuasiSpace outside of the Druuge entry point.

Portal 3 {466.0 : 514.0} sent us to {230.2 : 398.8}, which put us right next to Epsilon Gruis, the home star of the self-encased Spathi, but the one after that, portal 1 at {448.0 :504.0} may prove to be most useful, since we found ourselves arriving at the very top of the region at coordinates {565.8 : 971.2}, barely outside the Delta Lyncis System! I had already considered portal 14, the potential Utwig junction, to be a reasonable place to cast off to explore Delta Lyncis, but I think this one we just found will work much better! Superb!

We went to the next set of portals in the lower left quadrant, starting with portal 2 at {458.0 : 492.0}, which sent us down to the lower righthand corner between Triangulum and the supergiant Beta Arae at sector {860.7 : 015.1}, but the one after that, portal 5 at coordinates {476.0 : 496.0} put us right outside Epsilon Camelopardalis at {611.7 : 413.1}! That’s terrific, seeing how we will now have a shorter and safer route to open the vault of the Syreen Penetrator fleet currently being kept under lock and key by the Ur-Quan… but not for long! Then I activated the time portal before the blips appearing around us show up and ruin our delightful discovery!

We entered portal 4 at {468.0 : 464.0} and it sent us to the far east central side to {921.1 : 601.4}, near Arcturus, and, according to the Melnorme, the innermost planet in that system is the former homeworld of the Burvixese, who were all unfortunately eradicated by the Kohr-Ah, thanks to the cowardly and heartless broadcasting of the Druuge.

Portal 6, at sector {476.0 : 458.0}, took us to {408.7 : 773.0} which is still within Ur-Quan/Kohr-Ah territory at its upper left side, but it may make for a good jumping off point for entering Thraddash space in Draconis.

There wasn’t any reason to take portal 8, since we already knew it would take us into hostile Ilwrath space, so we went down to the lower right quadrant in Q-space and used portal 9 at coordinates {502.0 : 460.0} and it took us near Capricornus at {318.4 : 490.6}, which falls between Zoq-Fot-Pik, Umgah and Spathi space, and is just outside the lower left-hand side of Ur-Quan/Kohr-Ah’s sphere of influence.

I got really excited about the next one, portal 10 at sector {506.0: 474.0}, since it sent us down to the right of Centaurus at {191.0 : 092.6}, putting us in perfect position for going back home to Starbase! I kept hoping there would at least be one portal that would put us in an ideal location for coming back to Starbase, so thankfully this one’s much closer than that stupid Ilwrath portal. Awesome!!!

And the last one, finally… portal 11 at {516.0 : 466.0} sent us to sector {563.7 : 120.7} near the Sculptor Constellation; right in between Mycon, VUX and Yehat space.

I then had all of our data compiled together and I filled in the reference points on my own personal handwritten map, and I also made an easy viewable chart for quick reference:

15. {544.0 : 532.0} --> {036.8 : 633.2} -- Arilou space, near the natural portal.
14. {530.0 : 528.0} --> {775.2 : 890.6} -- “Northeast” area. Utwig?
12. {520.0 : 540.0} --> {587.0 : 623.2} -- Dead center in Ur-Quan/Kohr-Ah space!
13. {520.0 : 514.0} --> {010.3 : 940.4} -- “Northwest” corner. Beta Corvi/Slylandro!
7. {488.0 : 538.0} --> {973.5 : 315.3} -- “Southeast” area. Druuge?
3. {466.0 : 514.0} --> {230.2 : 398.8} -- Spathi territory… sort of.
1. {448.0 : 504.0} --> {565.8 : 971.2} -- Delta Lyncis entry point!
2. {458.0 : 492.0} --> {860.7 : 015.1} -- “Southeast” corner. Triangula/Beta Arae.
5. {476.0 : 496.0} --> {611.7 : 413.1} -- “South central” Ur-Quan/Kohr-Ah territory. Epsilon Camelopardalis!
4. {468.0 : 464.0} --> {921.1 : 601.4} -- “Eastern” side. Arcturus, the former Burvixese system.
6. {476.0 : 458.0} --> {408.7 : 773.0} -- “Northwestern” Ur-Quan/Kohr-Ah territory. Thraddash?
9. {502.0 : 460.0} --> {318.4 : 490.6} -- Near Capricorn, between ZFP, Spathi & Umgah space; “southwest” of Ur-Quan/Kohr-Ah space.
10. {506.0 : 474.0} --> {191.0 : 092.6} -- Near Starbase.
11. {516.0 : 466.0} --> {567.3 : 120.7} -- Near Sculptor, in between Mycon, VUX & Yehat space.

Whew! Now that that’s all over and done with, we can see about obtaining the Ur-Quan warp pod module the Arilou told us about so we can have all of these destination points at our beck and call from wherever and whenever we so choose!

To that end, I’ve decided to put us all the way back in Zeta Normae, before we encountered the Umgah. I’m planning on taking us back through Umgah territory to make sure we gain any necessary dialogue material for the Vindicator’s linguistics translator to process and analyze, and we’ll of course do the same once back in Arilou territory (or territories, as the case may be) but before heading there we’ll go find that shipwrecked Dreadnought.

We will set course for Alpha Pavonis, angling our route through Umgah space. Captain out.

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Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:57 pm
by The Troglodyte
Captain’s Log - Apr 2, 2157 - HyperSpace {158.5 : 665.7} (Near Alpha Octantis) - Yellow Alert

I went through the time portal records to see if I could save us some time by using one of the time portal entry points after the one placed in Zeta Normae, but unfortunately, the only one available prior to engaging the Umgah and subsequently incurring casualties was in Gamma Orionis on Mar 26, 2157, which is when we had first entered the system seeking out the Umgah.

I briefly activated the one following the aforementioned time portal placement, but when I emerged and asked the 1st Officer for our status, he immediately told me “We’re dead in the water, sir.” -- a quick code I implemented a while back for him to quickly convey to me that we’d already seen battle and had endured some life-costing trouble.

I used the previous one again to put us back in Gamma Orionis, and from there we made a concerted effort to make our first contact with the Umgah at their homeworld, just in case they’d reveal something different through their dialogue if it were the location of meeting them for the first time.

We had to dodge many Drones along the way, and even more after we entered their home star system, and all for not, I might add; they said all of the same things and were still just as jovial, hearty-laughing and hostile as they were before, but we were able to escape from their homeworld unharmed and we avoided the rest of the Drones within the system that pursued us afterwards as well... with the exception for the ones that we easily blasted into oblivion with the Vindicator after re-obtaining the necessary dialogue sequences.

We brought up the starmap and the Umgah’s sphere of influence was back on the board and we laid in a course for Alpha Pavonis once we had cleared Beta Orionis and entered HyperSpace, but I had us change course along the way for Alpha Octantis so we could meet with the Melnorme and refuel before resuming course to find and salvage the Ur-Quan engine parts.

We are entering Alpha Octantis. Zelnick out.

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Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:02 pm
by krulle
It starts confusing me.....
Your crew visited the Umgah only once then, and don't know QuasiSpace yet?

Did you ever meet yourself?

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:10 pm
by The Troglodyte
krulle wrote:It starts confusing me.....
Your crew visited the Umgah only once then, and don't know QuasiSpace yet?

Did you ever meet yourself?
Yes, it can get confusing sometimes, even for me, which is why I am very careful about using my game saves, which I keep documented with pertinent details to (hopefully) help keep me on the right track.

And as far as my last entry goes, it is indeed the first time for the crew to ever have seen an Umgah, and they've never seen the green innards of QuasiLand for themselves yet, but I always bring back the ship's "black box" along with me when I regress to a previous time slot so the crew can witness their experiences vicariously through those recordings.

And no, I never meet myself; the time portal device handles notions like duplicity and other time-related paradoxical events with astonishing ease.

As for my reasons for dialing back the clock, it's because I could finally benefit from doing so, since up to that point I hadn't really gained anything of great importance, besides the accumulation of dialogue from the Umgah and Arilou for possible event flags or dialogue trees -- not to say that the discovery of QuasiSpace wasn't extremely useful and eye-opening, but I hadn't actually physically gained anything from finding and mapping it.

That's why I go into what I like to go into an "exploratory mode" following an intentional juncture whereas I can proceed knowing there's a safe point behind me I can always jump back to when things get too hairy. During these times, I'll usually switch over the battle controls to cyborg mode to let the computer fight for me... Yeah, I'll admit it's a bit of a nonchalant leisurely way of doing things, but it gives me many freedoms, especially for my own psyche.

Now that I know how to harness the full benefits from retrieving the Ur-Quan's warp pod unit and take it to the Arilou so I can receive a portal spawning device of my very own, I can accomplish that particular task while still holding the Pkunk at bay long enough to make it down there (perhaps via Q-space portal) and save them, along with restoring my crew losses in the process, and I'm confident I can shove the helmsman out of my way and whoop up on some blobs whenever necessary! :twisted:

In other words, if I had continued with my current timeline, I've calculated that I probably wouldn't acquire the warp pod and reach the dimensional portal again in time, forcing me to await its next cycle, by which time the Pkunk all perish, and using the portal to save our feathered friends without first finding the warp pod would consequently result in the need to fly all the way back to Arilou space, which doesn't appeal to me... And then there's the whole crew loss thing.

But if you'll excuse me, there's a Melnorme Trader we're detecting near A. Octantis' gas giant.

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Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:05 pm
by The Troglodyte
Captain’s Log - Apr 12, 2157 - Alpha Pavonis - Status: Green

We found the Melnorme Trader in Alpha Octantis and refueled, and then resumed course, and we have just arrived on the outskirts of the Alpha Pavonis System; a giant green star with 9 planets, all of which are in the super-hot zone:

Planet 1 - Small Blue
Planet 2 - Small Green
Planet 3 - Small Green
Planet 4 - Small Orange
Planet 5 - Small Green
Planet 6 - Small Purple
Planet 7 - Small Blue (Ur-Quan Warp Pod?)
Planet 8 - Small Blue
Planet 9 - Small Green

The wide variety of colorful planets reminded me of the beautiful plumes of the peacock, which is ironic, considering how we have entered the Pavo Constellation… Pavo being Latin for “peacock”:

The constellations Pavo and Indus, featured in the
chart of the Southern Celestial Hemisphere by Johann
Gabriel Doppelmayr in his Atlas Coelestis, c. 1742

Hey! Somebody get that bird off that guy! There’s many references in Greek mythology to the peacock. According to one Greco myth, a shipbuilder named Argos was changed into a peacock by the goddess Juno, and another story claims that the goddess Hera used a flock, or rather an ostentation of peacocks to fly her chariot amongst the heavens. Hmmm… Why can’t all bird groupings just be designated as flocks? How ostentatious!… And it’s probably another Chenjesu terminology thing.

There was even one other bizarre story in which Zeus had the hots for Io, so he zapped her into a heifer to deceive his wife (and sister [so gross!]) Hera and have an affair with her. Do you mean he’s having sex with a cow?… Well, he’s already committing incest, so whatever. Anyway, Hera saw through Zeus’ scheme and banished the Io cow and asked Argus Panoptes, a creature with one hundred eyes, to guard the now-pregnant Io (now would that be with children or calves?) from Zeus. Meanwhile, Zeus sent Hermes to bust out some flute-playing to lull Argus Panoptes to sleep, waiting until all 100 eyes were closed and then chopped off his head. Hera adorned the tail of a peacock with Argus’ eyes in honor of his death. So that’s where all those weird eyeball-looking things on the peacock’s tail feather comes from!


“Argus lay dead; so many eyes, so bright quenched, and all hundred shrouded in one night. [Hera] retrieved those eyes to set in place among the feathers of her bird [Pavo] and filled his tail with starry jewels.” – From Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Back to the task at hand, and luckily for us, we can bypass the other planets and head directly to Alpha Pavonis VII, which has already been revealed by the Arilou as to where we can find the Ur-Quan warp pod.

We will set course for the 7th planet. Captain out.

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Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:43 pm
by krulle
Can we play the cold/hot game?
You're getting closer, and it is getting much warmer! Warmer... warmer... now it's getting hot....

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Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:35 am
by Death 999
He was explicitly told it was there. No need to even play the hot/cold game. Also, it is really freaking hot.