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Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:08 am
by krulle
You already tested them all, and are just behind in writing your logs?


Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:45 pm
by Death 999
I remember mis-recording some and thinking it was variable the first time I played. Uugh that made things harder than need be.

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:30 pm
by The Troglodyte
krulle wrote:You already tested them all, and are just behind in writing your logs?
No, it's merely that your transparent meandering appeal to the crowd of speculating whether the portals change destination points gives me a gut feeling that the portal points are predetermined and will remain stagnate. (Not to mention your track record to date!) I also tested the "Ilwrath portal" twice to be sure. Nice try though krulle! :lol:

I've actually stopped getting too far ahead of myself in terms of gameplay versus log enty, since I can always pause for more reflection as each scenario presents itself, but it would seem here recently I've gotten things rolling downhill at a steady clip (like a certain "flaming wheel"), so the story is progressing quickly for me, considering the abundance of new dialogue I've recently accumulated.

Captain’s Log – Apr 25, 2157 – QuasiSpace – {612.5 : 588.5} – Yellow Alert

We travelled through this strange realm for several days and neared closer and closer to the large yellowish green blip on our long-range navigational sensors (which I would usually denote as long-range interstellar sensors –- a term I’m not sure applies to this place) and so I ordered us to disengage the HyperDrive engines when it came into view on short-range sensors, and we stopped and scanned the phenomenon.

It was bewildering at first; there seemed to be a big hole in QuasiSpace with what appears to be normal space containing a class M water world planet, complete with 2 moons, one smaller than the other, but both appear to be of selenic classification, although our sensors couldn’t penetrate to retrieve an accurate reading, so all of our observations are based purely on visual evidence. The dim stars in the background were all red, showing that the planet itself may lie somewhere between TrueSpace, HyperSpace, and of course… QuasiSpace:


I’m not certain as to what we may find once we move in through the opening and on towards the planet, but I suspect it may be the Arilou Homeworld, considering the trail of bread crumbs we’ve been following for the past few weeks.

We will continue on course for the set coordinates. We are going to Red Alert. Captain out.

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:03 pm
by krulle
Okay, my track record is negative, yes. ;)

So, you found a planet in QuasiSpace....
Have you found out the other properties of QuasiSpace yet?
Have you found out the other boundaries of QuasiSpace yet? [edited in line]
Besides any lack of Spheres of Influence?

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 6:18 am
by Quasispatial
Edited away. Hope Trog didn't see it yet.
Sorry, my bad. Maybe if you edit yours too, Tormuse, we can still keep him from noticing?

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:55 am
by Tormuse
Quasispatial wrote:Here's a hint: *REDACTED*
Gosh darn it! I wanted to see Trog's reaction when he noticed that on his own.

Is it really a "hint" if you hand him the answer? :roll:

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:53 am
by krulle
replying to make this thread new to Tormuse:
please edit your post too. - Thanks.

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:26 pm
by The Troglodyte
OOC: Have you guys been referring to the fuel consumption rate? (or rather the lack thereof?) I had actually already noticed that quite quaint QuasiSpace quality (quadruple, quintuple, I mean sextuple q-word alliteration bonus!!) but I forgot to mention it in my previous log entry. Speaking of which…

Captain’s Log - Apr 26, 2157 - QuasiSpace - {607.7 : 588.0} - Status: Green

We just received an astonishing report from engineering! (Drumroll) They’ve informed me that for the entire voyage (during which we remained at HyperSpace for almost a week) we haven’t, amazingly enough, used a single drop of fuel since we’ve got here! Wowzers!

Anyway, we moved towards and entered the dimensional hole in space, beyond which held the new-founded mysterious planet, and we were promptly greeted by the Arilou Lalee’lay as we entered orbit, who welcomed us to their homeworld.

It’s a curiosity as to how the Arilou managed to obtain/move/create or otherwise procure a planet tucked in between the fabric of space and QuasiSpace, and I also find myself wondering where in TrueSpace this world of theirs is really located, or is it perhaps somehow self-contained within its own independent “pocket” of space that has the same properties of the normal vacuum of space for this specialized area? Even so, if that were the case, does the planet move and rotate like a normal planet? And if so, is there also a sun we’re not seeing for it to revolve around and receive warmth? Puzzling.

We wanted to get their perspective about what really happened after the War, and they confirmed that the Yehat and Shofixti returned to their own space and didn’t want the Syreen to follow them, who were subsequently slave-shielded on a planet in Betelgeuse (which is almost exactly how Commander Talana reported the events as well) and after the Humans were imprisoned too, the Arilou were content to return to their homeworld, which they call Falayalaralfali, or RalilayFalafali, or FloopyFooHappyday, or something like that.

They also confirmed that it wasn’t too long after the War that the Kohr-Ah (whom the Arilou describe as the Ur-Quan’s siblings, which is fairly accurate, more or less) arrived and initiated the Doctrinal Conflict.

We asked about their motives for messing with the people of Earth, but they wouldn’t tell us much of anything, saying it was for our own good to not learn too much, but suffice it to say, there are creatures who dwell beyond which would in-turn do “bad stuff” to us if they became aware of our presence, and they used the disappearance of the Androsynth and sudden emergence of the Orz as a prime example. Androsynth + Orz = Zero Androsynth. Point taken. They even went as far to say that many of their efforts are focused on hiding us and changing our *smell*. Well, I always try to keep up with personal hygiene and everything, but I never knew a nice, hot shower and some deodorant could be aiding in keeping nefarious IDF aliens from finding me!

The Arilou told us how they use the dimensional portals to travel quickly through HyperSpace, going through one portal and popping out the other side clear across the galaxy. However, since it’s rather inconvenient to sit around and wait for one of these portals to open naturally to make it into QuasiSpace (by which time you may as well just fly to your given destination), the Arilou have devised ways to produce a portal transit point artificially, by means of focused inter-dimensional fatigue rays. Intriguing indeed.

Then we received some good news… some very good news: They told us that they would be willing to share their technology with us, but unfortunately, the Vindicator is just too dang big to fit one of their rinky-dink Skiff Portal Spawners and have any expectations of it working correctly. Hmmm… I’m not too enthused the idea of activating a portal spawner, only to find out that half of our ship made it into QuasiSpace while the rest of the it still waiting for us back in normal space! Yikes!

However, they told us about witnessing the crash landing of an Ur-Quan Dreadnought on the surface of Alpha Pavonis VII, which would usually self-destruct to prevent any of its technology falling into the hands of their rivals, but those systems must’ve been too damaged to do so, which is fortuitous for us, since the Arilou believe we should be able to find a suitable warp pod in the wreckage of the vessel. We already had some indication of this shared to us by the Melnorme:

“As you are probably aware, Ur-Quan starships -- you call them ‘Dreadnoughts’, I believe, possess effective self-annihilation circuits which prevent other races from reverse-engineering Ur-Quan technological secrets. However, we have become aware of a shipwrecked dreadnought which has remained largely intact. You will find the remains of the ship on the surface of a blue world orbiting Alpha Pavonis. We suspect you will find at least one item of interest there, possibly two.” – Melnorme

As already told to us by the Umgah, the Arilou investigated the crash site and found an injured Talking Pet, which they describe as nothing more than non-sentient translators for the Ur-Quan (even though we know they have a much longer history than all that), but they couldn’t help in healing it, so they took it to the Umgah, who have vast superior bioscience skills. I’m guessing the warp pod is one of the items of interest the Melnorme told us we could find, and the froggy creature must’ve been the other, before it was discovered by our green buddies, that is.

They dropped off the Talking Pet at the Umgah’s doorstep, but they haven’t heard from them since, and so they asked us perhaps if we happened to be cruising through the Umgah’s neighborhood, then maybe we could ask about it, but of course we were recently there and the Umgah didn’t seem to be very forthcoming about the Talking Pet, other than what they’ve already told us. I wonder… perhaps they’re conducting their own secret experiments on the creature and didn’t want us to uncover their intentions. Hmmm…

After bidding them farewell, we tried going back a few times, but they only continued to express their desire to share the “easy way” with us.

Now that we know how the Arilou can help us, we must now seek out this warp pod they told us about, but first, we will continue our investigation of QuasiSpace and its various portals. I’ve changed our status to green for the meantime since we don’t seem to be in any immediate danger as we journey back towards the central portal area for the next several days, and also so we can explore this bizarre region at primarily scientific levels and without as much precautionary defensive measures. We are, however, prepared to upgrade our alert status at the drop of a hat.

We will set course for the portal juncture cluster. Zelnick out.

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:24 pm
by Death 999
Please keep in mind the last two words of the thread title.

To be more specific, I have received authorization from Trog to spoiler-tag or outright cleanse spoilers posted here.

Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:04 pm
by Tormuse
Death 999 wrote:...or outright cleanse spoilers posted here.
Spoilers are filth. We shall cleanse! :D