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Re: About to try to beat Star Control spoilers!

Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 5:59 pm
by The Troglodyte
Tormuse wrote:perhaps we shouldn't be making suggestions that will make him second-guess his actions?
Death 999 wrote:Yes. Less hinting would be good.
krulle wrote:Awww....

Majority decision? Apparently so.
Quasi still remained obscure enough (since I'm not even sure if my assessment was correct or not) but I see your guys' point, especially since I'll likely continue to move the story in quick succession the more I travel from place to place.

I've actually had some time to sit down and try to piece some the puzzles together, and I've been trying to anticipate some of the possible outcomes, but I'll keep those predictions to myself for now. Let's just say that I'm sure I'll be returning to Umgah space at some point, and not just for a quick refresher on slapstick humor.

Captain’s Log - Apr 17, 2157 - HyperSpace {043.8:637.2} - Yellow Alert

There is one thing I have observed about the Arilou... I am quite uncertain if I can trust them or not... and I’m leaning towards probably not.

We established communications, and their captain or leader sat barefoot and cross-legged wearing a neat outfit, almost like a uniform, and it was in several shades of blue. I could quickly see that their appearance is much different than the way our computers displayed them in our historical documents of the old war. He(?) had a shimmering orb that shined a bright yellow that matched the glow of his eyes, but I’m not sure if he was holding the sphere in place as both of his palms remained outside of the curious ball, but it may have been levitating under the guidance of his hands. His blank stare that only displayed almond-shaped eyeholes without pupils was magnified by his devilish grin which created an eerie ambiance as he spoke, and his words only furthered facilitated my already heightened levels of apprehension.

The surrounding area of the bridge(?) where the Arilou spoke from augmented the weirdness; there were strange multi-colored stretched ovals on a pitch black background with stars which gave a swirling like effect that implied that they may even be on the cusp between two dimensions at that very moment, and an abundance of different colored bright shiny orbs (similar to what the Arilou held) flew from somewhere at the starry center and continued to fly all around the entire duration of our talks and then they’d vanish as they approached the centered Arilou:


Did I feel any better after finishing our first conversation? Uh, no. If I had to describe how I felt afterwards, I would say that the term “creeped out” quickly comes to mind.

They seemed adamant about assuring us that they have only the best of intentions for us and our peoples, but it only had the effect of reinforcing my mistrust. It also didn’t help matters that they quickly stated how they were satisfied to leave the war effort and decided to completely abandon the Alliance of Free Stars once they realized that we were placed under a slave shield by the Ur-Quan. It would seem their priority of involvement with humans has been focused on ensuring our safety… and apparently, Earth having a giant red “cage” around it is good enough for them, and they even expressed how they wish they had thought of it themselves. Troubling.

They described themselves as being many places at many *times* (using similar speech patterns as the Orz when mentioning words like these) and this place is an easy place, one of ten easy places, and they explore these unusual places at various times. Of course, none of this really made much sense to me, so I asked what they are looking for during their explorations of these easy places, and they said they like to trap (and release) *Nnngn* but we cannot catch them because we are not solid enough. Hmmph!… Well, I feel solid enough!

I continued to inquire them about their relationship with us, and they reiterated their desires to protect us from harm, and they even made inference to understanding our origins, claiming that they knew the “first human”. Interesting… puzzling… and creepy.

I asked if they could help us and our Ur-Quan resistance movement, but they declined, saying that they lost too many shipmates in the last conflict, but they were willing to share information that may help us, and they confirmed that in order to uncover the nature of the probes that attack us, we should look for aliens that inhabit a gas giant (a world with no surface), but we already knew that from the Melnorme, and we ended communications and observed their sphere of influence, which only occupies a small region of space between several surrounding constellations:


Speaking of the Melnorme, the 2nd blip turned out to be the Melnorme trade ship, and we refueled our flagship before meeting another set of Arilou Skiffs, and their captain spoke of missing Earth and gliding along its fields under the light of the moon, and he admitted that they had even recently been to Unzervalt. That’s odd.

They also confessed that they have visited us for sustained periods of time, even since the dawn of mankind’s civilization, and everything our history books describe about the possibilities of aliens affecting and influencing our culture have been true all along, and the accounts of people getting abducted and experimented on was also admitted by our Arilou “friends”, who even went as far to say that in several instances they allowed for the abductees to remember their experiences. This keeps getting creepier and creepier.

They are aware of how the Mycon use their Deep Children to change worlds, and they even gave a subtle insinuation that they know about my feelings towards Talana. But how?

The 3rd encounter happened just two days prior to the opening of the dimensional portal, as another possible Arilou blip showed up on sensors on an intercept course.

They talked momentarily about the Orz, and they are also, like the Arilou, dimensional travelers, but they urged for us not to trust the Orz. Not that I am super fantastic about the Orz and their possible motives which may present problems down the road, but I’m not sure if the Arilou have any room to talk, whose potentially clandestine plans involves keeping us humans as their own little “pets”, even though the Arilou refer to only being interested in our further “development”. Yeah, sure, whatever. No, I do not trust either of them, and of the two, I’m thinking I may even trust the Arilou less, since their ulterior motives seem to lie atop the surface in ominous, foreboding ways. Very disconcerting indeed.

They also shared the special “Hold!” phrase to get the Ur-Quan folks to reveal their reasons behind their crazy orchestrated civil war, but we have already used it on both the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah.

We moved out of our dimensional portal position and towards the other bogey to make contact with only one day to spare before the predicted anomaly’s appearance, and it turned out to be yet another small group of Skiffs.

Their captain claimed that he had visited me during the previous night and said that I smiled as he touched my face while I slept. Yikes! Chills went up and down my spine as the disturbing images of an eldritch creepy green elf-boy touching my skin made me shudder with hair-raising uneasiness. I’m going to pretend that he’s lying so I can sleep better at night and, as a precaution, shipwide security has been upgraded to high alert during the remainder of our stay in Arilou space.

They asked if we were seeking the dimensional “doorway” and they told us we could look on our starmap during the days between the 17th and 20th to locate it. All this time and I never thought of that!... and furthermore, nobody down in stellar cartography must have either, because I was never informed during any of those time intervals that something was being detected! I’d better have a stern talk with those guys! Worthless star gazers!!

I examined my time portal saves and found one that fit the date (Nov 16, 2156) when we were in Eta Ceta on our way to investigate the disappearance of the Spathi’s SOI, so we waited a day and brought up the starmap:


Awesome! After we pinpointed the exact coordinates of the opening, I activated the time portal and continued our conversations where we left off.

I’m now convinced that these Arilou freaks have been going over my logs, since they used almost the exact phrasing when we had first forged our alliance with the Orz (as seen here):

“The enemy of your enemy is your friend... at least for a time.” - Arilou Lalee’lay
Or perhaps they were speaking about themselves?

Then, when the 17th arrived, we used the information to find the exact location of the spatial anomaly, and lo and behold, we found it right where it was supposed to be!!!:


Before getting close enough to enter it, I ordered the ship to come to a halt, and we began scanning the anomaly. Strangely enough, my science officer reported that the scans were entering the aperture, but they weren’t returning with any data. Confusing. Well, we’ll learn nothing else just sitting on this side of the “doorway”, so we may as well go *inside*.

We are setting course for the opening of the spatial anomaly. We are going to Red Alert. Captain out.

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Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 9:39 pm
by Death 999

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Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:42 pm
by The Troglodyte
(And next time... on another all-new exciting installment of “Trog’s Logs”...)


Communications Officer - “Where the heck are we?”

Science Officer - “It’s called Quasispace.”

Navigator - “Nothing but green as far as the eye can see!”

1st Officer - “It kind of reminds me of split pea soup.”

Captain Zelnick - “Yeah, except it’s more... more... quasispatial.”

Science Officer - “That doesn’t make sense.”

Communications Officer - “Uh?... What did you call it?”

Captain Zelnick - “Quasispatial... I said it seemed more quasispatial.”

Science Officer - “Our captain is making up words again.”

Captain Zelnick - “It could be a word.”

Science Officer - “Except that it isn’t.”

Captain Zelnick - “You’re relieved commander.”

Science Officer - “Whatever.”

(Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures of danger and discovery when “Trog’s Logs” returns!)
(Coming next Fall)

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Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:36 am
by Quasispatial
It's so nice to see that you finally get the reference. At least that's one less subject to be *dancing* around now.

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Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:27 am
by krulle
The Troglodyte wrote:(Coming next Fall)

Are you planning an extensive leave, or having severe exams coming up, is summer always busy for you?

Please tell me you'll continue keeping this board active through your log files!

(I don't want a break 'til Autumn!)

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Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:45 pm
by Tormuse
I think Trog was just parodying common TV ads for upcoming shows that always start in fall. At least, that's my hope; I've been looking forward to his reaction to quasispace forever!

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Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:43 pm
by The Troglodyte
krulle wrote:
The Troglodyte wrote:(Coming next Fall)

Are you planning an extensive leave, or having severe exams coming up, is summer always busy for you?

Please tell me you'll continue keeping this board active through your log files!

(I don't want a break 'til Autumn!)
Yeah, I was just kidding! I think that my interactions with krulle and the Umgah have brought out my mischievous side, since I was kind of hoping that little phrase would successfully provide some misdirection! hehehe! :P

Captain’s Log – (Apr 22, 2157) - Quasispace {508.6 : 513.9} - Yellow Alert

We moved the Vindicator and company into the anomaly, and we travelled across its event horizon (or whatever’s the equivalent) and we were “sucked in”, and the ship spiraled to its epicenter, and after a quick spin and tussle, we emerged on the other side.

Our engines briefly dropped to impulse power, the same way they do whenever we drop out of warp when entering a new star system, but our HyperDrive section quickly reengaged, and engineering buzzed in to the bridge to make sure everything was all right up here, but damage control reported no structural damage, and also all systems are functioning normally.

We scanned the surrounding area but all we could see was a sea of green, but it still shares some similarities with HyperSpace, which we could still see it from the other side from our position as we sat on top of the dimensional portal for a moment.

I placed a time portal junction and I ordered us to reenter the dimensional portal, and we reemerged in TrueSpace exactly where we had been previously, with the portal still open for only one day left, so I ordered us back in, and we were quickly back into the neon green realm, collectively gazing back into our former space with surprise and awe, and then refocusing our attention to the amazing scenery around us in this strange new discovered plane of reality.

I ordered us to move away from the opening several kilometers, and then we came to complete stop. I noticed that our heading displayed “Quasispace” as we transferred auxiliary power, at least giving some indication to our whereabouts, but the single ‘q’ word didn’t offer any more clarification.

We moved away from the entrance, scanning the immediate area for any signs of any vessels or anything otherwise unusual (a relative term at this point), but then it became the 20th and the portal closed behind us, essentially sealing us in; at least until we find another way out… If not, we would have to wait another month before the opening would reopen.

We remained at red alert for a good while, just in case any Arilou, Orz or other IDF beings surfaced, but after several days of idle drifting it became apparent we weren’t in any noticeable danger, so I downgraded our alert status to yellow and we resumed our research.

We brought up the starmap and found our previous position from where we entered this new dimension was perfectly centered at coordinates {500.0 : 500.0}. We also detected what appeared on starmap sensors as dwarf stars, 15 in total, in many directions all around us, and an additional one registering as a supergiant at coordinates {613.4 : 590.0}, but as we mapped out each individual point, they all registered as UNKNOWN on our sensor readings. (Another odd observation I’d like to point out is how the majority of viewable quasispace is basically empty green space, with all of the “stars” packed densely together within the distance of 100 sectors, leaving all 4 quadrants empty except for at the very center of quasispace.)

The closest one to our position was at coordinates {492.0 : 492.0} so I ordered the helm to take us towards the coordinates, but on manual drive only and to approach it with caution. As we neared the destination, our short-range sensors showed that it wasn’t a star at all, but possibly another hole in space.

We continued to scan the anomaly with little success, but our examinations did show that it looked as if the same red appearance with moving matter like shooting stars such as with HyperSpace, so perhaps it would be a portal that could send us back into normal space, but to where?

We entered the portal and suddenly found ourselves at coordinates {004.2 : 165.1} -- dead center in Ilwrath space! Yikes! Not good!! Suddenly several undoubtedly Ilwrath bogeys began popping up all over the place, so I ordered us to come about and head outward in a large circular motion, which is usually a very effective evasive maneuver against the slower Avenger ships.

However, as we began our action of spider avoidance, we attempted to cross over into the negative coordinates range and ran smack dab into a giant space wall which stopped us dead in our tracks! Oh no! The brief delay, coupled with our limited range of escape routes, allowed for one of the contingents to come within range, and an imposing squadron of 5 Ilwrath vessels was soon on our weapons’ display screen, so I utilized the time portal to return us to quasispace prior to entering the Ilwrath destined passageway.

In hindsight, I’m not certain whether the Vindicator’s sophisticated navigational system prevented us from leaving the area past zero in the x,y range in any direction (or I assume greater than 1000 on the opposite side of space) or perhaps those Ur-Quan bastards somehow erected an invisible slave shield around this entire region of space! Er… probably not, but I can’t think of any other logical conclusion!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, after sighing a great sigh of relief from escaping the scary Ilwrath zone, we plotted all of the portal points from left to right (then top to bottom whenever x coordinates are equal):


{448.0 : 504.0}
{458.0 : 492.0}
{466.0 : 514.0}
{468.0 : 464.0}
{476.0 : 496.0}
{476.0 : 458.0}
{488.0 : 538.0}
{492.0 : 492.0} - {004.2:165.1} – Ilwrath space
{500.0 : 500.0} - point of entry (natural dimensional doorway)
{502.0 : 460.0}
{506.0 : 474.0}
{516.0 : 466.0}
{520.0 : 540.0}
{520.0 : 514.0}
{530.0 : 528.0}
{544.0 : 532.0}
{613.4 : 590.0} – Supergiant Star? Giant portal? Cluster of portals? Arilou? Orz? Something that’s going to eat us?

We will now conduct surveys at to where each of these portals lead to, and then we can go from there. However, my curiosity has definitely gotten the best of me, because the next spot I’d like to test just so happens to be the large one separate from the others, since I think we may discover something interesting at that location… I just hope it isn’t a huge, hungry IDF creature!!

We have set course for the unknown anomalous location at {613.4 : 590.0}. Zelnick out.

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Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:25 pm
by Draxas
*Rubs hands together in glee*

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Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:13 pm
by krulle
Well, the first one is mapped...
Now he needs to find out if they change destinations at certain times (besides the one opening and closing 17th-20th).
And how this may be beneficial in his travels....

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Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:38 pm
by The Troglodyte
Not falling for it krulle! :P