Approved budget for the Star Control reboot: 5 million dolla

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Re: Approved budget for the Star Control reboot: 5 million d

Post by Alvarin » Fri Jan 23, 2015 10:00 am

That could be interesting lore-wise, but difficult to implement in game mechanics, especially considering the heavily ambiguous attempts at translations done by actual experts with the help of 150 years in the future technology... That would be like trying to perform a brain surgery and going only by the second hidden meaning in a haiku...
I really want to play a game like that... I adore games that take the role of unseen people in a game universe, like the "Viscera Cleanup Detail". The idea is just awesome - you have to clean up the spaces where games like Doom have taken place. You find notes and bits of story thrown in for comedy, but mostly collect body parts and bullet casings and have to mop cartoonish amounts of blood from all surfaces.
Link to a LP of one --
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Re: Approved budget for the Star Control reboot: 5 million d

Post by glory_device » Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:43 pm

Death 999 wrote:What if the specs were in precursor?

then we would need a ''hitchhiker like'' computer to decode the information.

---warning back to another subject---

Having played a lot with volunteer based project and web collaboration...the success rate highly depend on the individual involved and the atmosphere around. I'm in charge of a robotic competition that is mostly run by volunteers...and even if we actually work and see each other in real life. Half of it is over the web and it is really difficult to sometimes get them going...not because they are not motivated...simply because they lack the confidence and initiative to go forward or to actually try. I could discuss this topic for years tho so, I'll leave it at that!
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