About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by krulle » Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:39 am

Bring a hot dog!

Good to read your reports again, captain.
We were getting worried you might've forgotten about your mission.


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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by The Troglodyte » Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:42 am

Captain’s Log – Feb 11, 2158 – Gamma Librae (Near Planet 1) – Yellow Alert

We set an intercept course for the Supox, but as we drew closer to them they were already venturing to the opposite side of the planet, so our momentum carried us within short-range sensor range of the gas giant, and as our viewscreen automatically switched over to reveal the planet’s two moons, it also revealed 8 more patrol groups of Supox as well! I sure hope these guys are friendly or we may have some trouble on our hands:


We will set course for whichever Supox notices us first. We are again going back to Red Alert. Captain out.
Captain’s Log – Supplemental:

As anticipated, as we crept closer to the giant ball of gas, the Supox noticed us and they all moved swiftly upon our position and surrounded us from all sides. Attempting to flee would’ve been useless, since as they had maneuvered into position, we saw that several of the vessels moved sideways while keeping their weapon system facing towards us, almost as if they were gliding sideways like someone shifting their weight while drifting on a snowboard.

My tactical officer analyzed their ship configuration and identified a series of thrusters mounted on various parts of the ship, allowing them to move in any direction on command. Hmmm… those kinds of maneuvering capabilities could come in handy against a variety of ships, including the multi-legged brothers of destruction.

However, their approach did not trigger the klaxons as per the norm, but at once there was an unusual plant-like creature addressing us in a quite friendly tone, welcoming us. We told them we came in peace, and they responded the same. We told them our ship is called the Vindicator, and they told us their ship is called the Tender Shoot.

We also told them we are representing The New Alliance of Free Stars from Earth, but when they told us they were from Earth too, I felt like they were merely mimicking everything we said! I mean, everybody always has that little bratty friend that informs you one day that today is ‘copy day’ and when you respond, “What’s copy day?” they respond, “What’s copy day?” and then you respond, “Hey! Stop that!” and they say, “Hey! Stop that!” and then you say… ok, you get the picture. I was halfway tempted to then say, “Supox are stupid, dumb weeds and Zelnick is the best!” but I decided against it, but that technique always worked on my friend Alex to get him to cease the copy everything routine!

Anyways, they explained that in their language their planet is called Vlik, which basically means earth, since the origins of the name literally translated are in direct reference to the soil and ground. They told us that their way is to learn and adapt to their surroundings through symbiosis, often copying whoever and whatever they meet to gain a better knowledge, which has allowed for their species to progress and evolve by a sense of cooperation amongst their plant brethren.

I then began to ponder what it would require for a plant to achieve sentience (or perhaps sapience would be more appropriate) considering that a plant’s primary function for gaining energy is through photosynthesis, whereas the relatively simple process of cell division and subsequent actions we witness from plants are most like involuntary responses as opposed to using a self-conscious brain attached to a central nervous system performing functions such as thinking, eating, drinking, responding to their environment and acting on their own derived notions and other similar functions we see in the animal kingdom.

Yes, cacti draw in water from a fresh rain like a deer from a brook, or vines may seem to climb as we observe them growing up a tree or wall, or there’s the unwary insect who’s thinking they’re about to enjoy a tasty treat of sweet-smelling dew on a leaf, but is suddenly ensnared by the Venus flytrap’s mouth-like leaves that even appear to have ‘teeth’ -- at which time the bug is digested to provide nutrients to the plant… as if it were eaten.

These examples may all seem to give indication that plants have intent and a will of their own, but it’s not as simple as that. These actions we witness in plants are more hard-wired rather than a self-driven purpose at work. The real truth is that from what we’ve observed from life and the evolution of beings, change (and specifically a change into intelligence) only comes when a species has no other choice but to adapt to its environment, and on a large enough scale, such as an entire species, these changes take a good deal of time to reap the fruition from simple life into consciousness, self-awareness and ultimately… sentience. Plants seem to fall short of these criteria.

Unless there was some kind of outside source of influence, the chances of a plant species in making those types of evolutionary leaps and bounds are somewhat farfetched… at least that is how it seems to me. Surprisingly though, when I explained all of this to Captain Ala-la’la, she totally agreed, verifying that their scientists have reached the same conclusion! Puzzling.

They remind me of an alien race from a game I used play who called themselves the Elowan, which of course, unlike the Supox, are totally fictitious creatures made for a computer game, but they indeed share some similarities, especially in appearance:



The Elowan were also very plant-like and looked like a walking vine with a larger head than the Supox’s that appeared like a flower before blooming, which was important to their reproductive cycle, but also had a tragic implication in their history as well, which I’ll get into shortly. Their speech mannerisms were very wispy and flowing, and included lots of ‘thees’, ‘thous’ and ‘thines’ (and so did the Gazurtoid’s speech, oddly enough) like they were reading from a King James Bible or something.

Being part of the old alliance, they were part of the crew recruitment you could choose from (and I always gave mine funny names like Twiggy or Ryan Leaf) and they were excellent at communication and medicine, but they were very fragile and had the lowest endurance rating, as one might expect. If you met them is space, they were always very friendly (unless you had a Thrynn aboard) and one time they even gave me some fuel when I was running low on my way back home.

Back to their heads, when they’d enter a cycle of reproduction, their heads would enlarge and bloom like a flower, revealing a fruit which they called headfruit (maybe not the most imaginative of peoples in name creation) which performed some kind of role in their procreation, but other than that I really have no idea (use your own imagination; no plant porn here folks!)

Unfortunately, one of their neighboring spacefaring species, the reptilian Thrynn, had a peculiar appetite for these headfruit, and would even kill Elowan to eat or sell the headfruit on the black market, and thus the hatred between the Elowan and Thrynn was born. The Thrynn would even try to convince you that they knew the location of the secret Uhlek Brain World (one of you tasks to aide in completing the game) but the coordinates they give you was for the Elowan homeworld! Sly lizard bastards!

Anyway, where was I? Yes, the Supox. Well, when it came time to mention the Utwig, they confirmed that they were close friends and allies of the Utwig, and they knew all about their terrible calamity of Ultron destruction. Just like what the Melnorme had told us, the Supox told us how the Druuge had sold the device to the Utwig, claiming it would give them special powers. The Supox admitted they never actually believed the so-called super artifact could perform such marvels and wisdom, but since it made the Utwig happy, the Supox went along with the charade.

As a bizarre set of coincidence, they happened to have the Ultron on-hand and instantly decided to give it to us! They said that the Utwig couldn’t bear to look at it anymore, but the Supox haven’t been able to get it working again. I mean, when all you have is vines for hands and whatnot, it’s not like you’re going to be seeing a lot of Supox choosing the career field of repairman! (repairplant?)

Well, I figure we can slap a fresh coat of paint on the thing and attach a few Christmas tree lights and present it to the Utwig and everything will be all hunky-dorey and then they’ll fork over the bomb as compensation for our troubles, right? Hey, you know… now that I’m taking a good long, look at it… it reminds me of a symbol that used to display for already read messages on a message board forum I used to frequent.

We will pause to inspect and examine this Ultron, and perhaps find some more Supox to talk to. Zelnick out.
“He tasks me. He tasks me, and I shall have him! I’ll chase him ’round the moons of Nibia and ’round the Antares maelstrom and ’round Perdition’s flames before I give him up!” ― Khan Noonien Singh

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Re: About to try to beat Star Control 2...no spoilers!

Post by krulle » Fri Nov 09, 2018 8:00 am

The Troglodyte wrote:
Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:42 am
I mean, when all you have is vines for hands and whatnot, it’s not like you’re going to be seeing a lot of Supox choosing the career field of repairman! (repairplant?)
May I add to this, Captain?
In my humble opinion, vines do have an advantage over our hands and rather inflexible finger.
First of all, the Supox did build a spacefaring civilization.
As such, we are sure that they can assemble complex machinery, and therefore are also very capable of repairing stuff.
Second, the regenerative capabilities of plants to recover from damages is well known, and as such I am sure the Supox are even able to use the regrowing and still rather small and thin vines, roots, leaves, for purposes their old root, vine, or leave has become too stiff and large.
So I am sure they can repair stuff themselves, where our trained specialiasts would need specialized tools to get into small holes, tiny spaces, and whatnot.
Please do not assume that the Supox are unskilled in any way.
That would be a diplomatic faux-pas, even if they would likely just respond (mimic?) by assuming us Humans are rather inadept too...

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