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Update on the Stardock Star Control Game

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:27 am
by Scott Irving
Greetings fellow Hunams and Happy New Year!,

Looks like 2014 will shape up to be exciting year for all of us Star Control fans, perhaps the most exciting since UQM was released into the wild?. What does the future have in store for us? Well I'm a bit late posting this with the busy Holiday season we've all no doubt just had, but Brad "Frogboy" from Stardock (their making a new star control game in case you didn't know) Posted an update on the forum on Dec 16, regarding the future of the new Star Control game, ... ?f=8&t=972

Head over to get involved in the discussion with Brad himself and see what interesting things he has to say.

Cheers for now Hunams,