Groombridge Log part II Released

Ahh, vague omens and mysterious portents. Tangled webs of fate intertwined with the branches of destiny, blown by the capricious winds of happenstance. News, news....uh, actually there is some news!

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Groombridge Log part II Released

Post by Scott Irving » Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:02 am

Greetings Hunams!

Many apologies for the lack of news!, you can help however by submitting news or things that might be news worthy to me via PM or e-mail or however else you can get in touch with me. Anyway on with some news.

Tiberian has finished part two of his fan fiction!

Links to part two can be found on the following forum post ... ?f=9&t=843

And just in case you missed part one it can be found here ... ?f=9&t=775

So get reading hunams!

We'll be back after this brief sleep cycle and Happy Earth Day! (depending on your time zone of course it's likely over already)
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