Sequels strife

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Re: Sequels strife

Post by Stickman_king_28 »

We really are taking 3d6 psychic damage from the cringy things we did a few years ago aren't we
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Re: Sequels strife

Post by sakalava47 »

I am an attorney and I see people fighting over what seems like silly things all the time.

But you have to understand the feelings that people have over personal issues. People invest so much of themselves into businesses, property, creative universes (like Star Control) that it becomes very painful to see someone else taking it from you. So I can see where Paul and Fred are coming from. And Star Dock has paid money for the right to create a new game and they want some control over the direction it is going.

Having said this, they all need to get a good mediator and work something out.
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Re: Sequels strife

Post by Alvarin »

To be angry is to punish yourself for the errors of others.
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Re: Sequels strife

Post by palmpet »

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Re: Sequels strife

Post by Draxas »

And that eliminates any doubt in my mind. Fred, Paul, may your lawyers knock 'em dead, and godspeed.
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Re: Sequels strife

Post by Death 999 »

Pretty much, yeah. I made a more full response at the UQM boards, but it basically amounts to Stardock's complaint being a joke except for one tiny thing, and TFB's complaint being really solid.
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Re: Sequels strife

Post by Quasispatial »

Yeah. My guess, Stardock was relatively fine with Fred & Paul's project right up until the point where the hype for Shadow of the Precursors began to overshadow Star Control: Origins. The whole "fred and paul are stealing the community respect and the like" thing (along with SotP allegedly trying to "piggyback" on SC:O hype) sort of gave that element away, if you read between the lines. Now they want to knock out the competition, but of course, they have no proper basis to do it from. The whole idea is sad because the games don't have to be opposed to each other at all. All they really accomplished was to disappoint people. I've certainly lost any respect I might have had for Stardock with this move.
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Re: Sequels strife

Post by vok3 »

I think it's entirely possible Stardock genuinely believed/believes they did buy all the rights they claim to have, even if Reiche is absolutely correct in his claim that the rights all reverted. That would make this a giant and stupid misunderstanding, for which the blame could be assigned either to Atari for not checking they actually could sell what they claimed to sell, to Stardock for not checking they could actually buy what they thought they were buying, or to some combination possibly including Ford & Reiche, depending on what happened.

The one thing I do not understand is Stardock's claim that they requested Ford & Reiche show them some evidence backing up their claim to have the rights and that Ford & Reiche refused. If that actually happened I just can't understand why they would fail to do something so simple. And if it didn't happen, I can't understand that either - that Stardock might lie about something so easily verifiable.

I hope we find out the truth, one way or another. I also hope this gets settled ASAP.
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Re: Sequels strife

Post by Shiver »

Wow. Could this dispute be any uglier?
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Re: Sequels strife

Post by Eth »

Stardock’s claim, that the Star Control trademark has fame and respect accrued to it, is absurd. We all saw the release of Star Control 3. It was obvious where StarCon was going. I am not a Star Control fan; I’m a fan of Paul and Fred’s games. I played the hell out of Archon The Unholy War, and Skylanders. Of course there were collaborators on Star Control II. That doesn‘t mean that Paul and Fred aren’t the primary authors of that game.

This lawsuit has likely doomed SC Origins one way or another. Either Stardock will lose the rights to the SC trademark, or they will have torpedoed the chances fans had for the Paul and Fred authored SC2 sequel the fans have wanted for the last 25 years, incurring those fans’ wrath.
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