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Post by HunamBeing »

I personally kind of like the music, has that mechanical feeling to it, just feels like it should stay a synth. Maybe make the tones at 0:20 beeps.


(This was meant to be a reply for youtube videos. DX)
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Re: Daktaklakpak

Post by Quasispatial »

Hmm, ya, one of the actually interesting races from SC3. Used to listen to that music a fair bit a while back, and their talk is actually rather amusing at times. Unlike some others, the Daks didn't fall completely flat on their face in SC3, character-wise.
"Sentient life. We are the Ur-Quan. Independence is intolerable. Blah, blah, blah." - the Spathi High Council, Star Control II.
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Re: Daktaklakpak

Post by Dyandod »

I played hours of SC3 before even realizing the different species even had separate themes.

…..actually I kind of like this one now that I listen.
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Re: Daktaklakpak

Post by TSC »

Aaah, the Daks

Actually... the Core Four of the Crux weren't to bad as alien designs in the Star Control setting.

It's just that they where more comedic schemer sort of villains as a group, and whilst not harmless, lacked the menace and raw power of the Kohr-Ah.

Also they where in a game that simply had inferior gameplay and design to SC2.

Technically actually secondary villains to the Eternal Ones, you never really MEET the Eternal Ones so de-facto they where more primary villains. And didn't feel aywhere near as menacing as the Kohr-Ah.

But that doesn't mean they where BAD. A design like them wouldn't be at all bad as secondary villains in a Star Control game really. And I generally find that barring people who just hate SC3 with a burning passion. (Relax, we ALL agree it's non-canon.) Most people found the Core Crux aliens to be amongst the more memorable of SC3's mixed bag of creations.

The K'Tang for example are pretty frickin' hilarious.

The Daks have a memorable way of talking, and their over the top smug arrogance is amusing.

The Ploxis robber baron plutocrats... are probably a bit to saturday cartoon villainy to pull off the big bad role they had. But that sort of saturday cartoon villainy can work just fine with a secondary antagonist. (See the Ilwrath. (The voice actor for SC2 also clearly had fun doing them.)

The Doogs also had some simple charm with their 'dumb dog' personality.

(Personally not a huge fan of the to me very boring Clairconctlar, (And I certainly didn't imagine the TAALO to be animated conehead statues. (Nor did I find the 'undefined boring honourable warrior' personality charming.)

The Harika/Yorn thing was decently interesting, but the Harika came over as more silly then threathening to me. (I think a mixture of having a weak ship, a goofy puppet and the word choice 'I will slice you from gullet to bile secretion sac' I dunno, to erudite for a vicious thug.)

Anyway though the Core Four of the Crux though, whilst I didn't like them so much in the role of big bads, I DID like them.

I also do like the bipolar Vyro Ingo. (But I don't like the idea that they're some missing part of the VUX.)

The other SC3 races... not really.

I also have to give SC3 credit on this. They got the Spathi PERFECTLY right. Cowardly yet snarky, would totally join the enemy because they where THREATENED. etc.

I personally also got a laugh out of their VUX. They're probably a bit to stupid compared to their old selves, and some people hate the voice, but really they're funny.

"It is true, that we where once DISGUSTED by you! But now... the sight of your face is so... pleeeeaaaasssiiiiing... The way the smooth skin is creased around the two tiny eyesockets... and the way the FEEDHOLE gapes open with corners upturned TO REVEAL INTERNAL NUBS OF CALCIFIED -BONEPROTRUSIONS- MAKES ME WANNA -hrrrk!- ... Excuuuse me... makes me SOOOOO HAPPY! Yes! HAPPY!!! So you see Captain, we can't be bigoted against you, anymore. Huh huh..."

I mean seriously it got me a laugh.

SC3 has huge problems, but it had it's high points. And if you take SC3 more as kind of a fanfic (Which essentially it IS nowadays) It's not the worst thing ever.
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