star control random space (rp page)

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Re: star control random space (rp page)

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Attention lesser beings; heed my words for they shall not be repeated.

A new age is coming, the coming of the harbinger is imminent, the twilight of your annihilation shall beckon the dawn of a new era. The galaxy that is rightfully ours shall once again bear fruit for the great Whumpet pantheon. Take comfort knowing that your ashes shall provide the foundation for a vast gestalt of power that will bring the universe to it knees. In the beginning, there was Whumpet, and in the end, there shall be only Whumpet. There is still time, however, to save yourselves from the ensuing apocalypse and be spared from its righteous prominence. Give yourself to Whumpet. Become one with the gestalt, and be saved from its wrath.

You have been warned. They will come. None shall be spared.
I represent the alpha, the omega, and everything in between.
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Re: star control random space (rp page)

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Whumpets? Ha! I encountered a Whumpet once. Tasted like barbecue sauce, for some reason.
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