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Forgotten Fanfic

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:25 pm
by BaVB
Prologue: The Androsynth Explosion

For four years, I was a captain in the starship Blackbird Six, but all the blackbird saw were the planets of Sol, and rarely a patrol around the human sphere of influence. I was a patrol ship. From the time of four years before that, I was merely a Navigator on Blackbird Five, which was a starship in the front lines. The day we met the Androsynth deep in Hierarchy Space was a bad day. We originally had a bunch of Yehats to help us, but soon enough the Ur-Quan Dreadnoughts came, and for every Dreadnought destroyed, two Terminators were blown up in our starfleet.

Sadly, there were double the amount of Terminators then Dreadnoughts. Just as the final Terminator sent it's final bullets to finish off the Dreadnought, it sent in it's last fusion bolt. They blew up at the same moment, and that moment, we knew we were doomed. The Androsynth knew it as well, and they happily went off to kill almost all of us.

Our captain, Jared Kermunchen da Luqui's last words were,

And the Weapons Officer obeyed. As I watched, ordered to not move the ship, the Guardian in blazer form that was charging right at us faced our last nuke in reserve. It blew up so close to us that the explosion destroyed a big chunk of our ship, vaporizing Captain Jared, Weapons Officer Will, and a bunch of other crewmen that were in the hull.

The remaining of us, injured greatly, floated through space from Androsynth to Mrn territory. All power reserves were gone, and life support was failing, and we barely sent in a signal.

It was probably three days of floating in space when the survivors awoke. We scavenged all the water and food we could. On strict rations, this would last two months. So we lived in the ruins of the ship, waiting for the life support to finally end. It would probably take five months.

So two months later, all our food was gone, but we still had good water. Some of the crewhands began killing and eating each other. Five of us were killed and eaten to the bone (which I never took part in, and almost starved) when a Mrn Transformer approached the wreckage. It docked next to our ship and a bunch of Mrns came to the rescue. On the way to Sol, 4 of the remaining 7 people died of sickness. We were brought back to health and thrown onto the new ship as if nothing had happened.

This would happen in a similar manner. But it was the fall of the Humans that this happened again, so this time, there would be no help.

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Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:44 am
by BaVB
Chapter 1: The Umgah, the Ilwrath, and the Airlock

For these four years, it was very quiet. The loudest noises I heard during those years were drunks in our ship that were yelling and screaming, and the beeps of the ship that initiated whenever we were ordered to move to our next planet to patrol. A basic life.

Two months before the fall of Sol, a Dreadnought somehow made it deep into Alliance space, where it docked onto the Alliance base Kouraga at Beta Raynet I, took some data (we didn't figure out what data until the fall of Sol), destroyed the base, then left.

For the next two months, everything was fine, even at the dawn of the day that marked the fall of Sol. Our radars and scanners showed that the Chenjesu, Mrn, Yehat, Shofixti, Arilou, and Syreen forces were fine. It wasn't until the battered Terminator piloted by Seep-Junaveep arrived at Sol. He was asking us why we were answering the calls for ships ever since the line was broken in the Front, and why we didn't even attempt to help the Chenjesu and Mrn from being slave shielded. We showed SJ our radars, and he showed us his. Our radars showed that all races were still in good shape, and that the front line was still intact. But on his, the line was being fought back, and that all Chenjesu and Mrn forces were slave shielded. This was a big hit to us.

SJ then had to leave in order of the Queen to defend the Shofixti and Yehat space, and that was the last time I ever saw a Yehat. With him, all Shofixti and Yehat that were also in Sol left. We were alone to fight off the Ur-Quan.

Without working radars, we excepted the Hierarchy to arrive from the direction of Chenjesu space, and we quickly made a defensive line to stop the enemy. But instead, they came from all directions. Since we couldn't communicate with the ships that departed to defend, we just thought the worst had happened to them.

With all of our fleet, we surrounded Earth, and transported as many mobile offensive starbases as possible to aid us with lasers and ship building capabilities. When the first Dreadnought showed up alone in the direction of the Centauri constellation, it sent a signal to us, the first one we could actually pick up. It said to us that we could submit peacefully, and not loose a life. Our reply? 29 nukes, each one slammed into the Dreadnought, destroying it instantly.

Five seconds after it blew up, space became red with the color of HyperSpace portals opening. Thousands of Dreadnoughts came from HyperSpace, but we had more starships. With our large supply of nukes, we fought back Hierarchy forces so easily that they just couldn't get to us. After an hour of constant shooting, they had only made it to Pluto. But then, some of our starships ceased fire. We had run out of ammo completely.

Thankfully, our Cruisers could dock at the platforms and quickly receive an extra thirty nukes. But I decided against that. I had the strangest feeling in the back of my mind, that we could not beat them back until they were too damaged to move on.

I gave my Navigator, a survivor of Blackbird Five, an odd order:

"Navigator, send us in the direction of Mercury, then turn everything but half of the life support off."

The Navigator was startled. He tried to explain to me it was against direct order from the UN, but I didn't want to hear it. He obeyed, and we were hurling towards Mercury, sending nothing into space other then what would be thought as a "ghost" signal.

We entered orbit of Mercury. The first Dreadnoughts began to arrive at this point, and one of them noticed the signal. Suddenly, the Dreadnought docked. I leaped out of the Captain's seat, out of the way of the viewscreen, so on the Ur-Quan's vidscreen, all he would see was an empty captain's seat.

"Human, just being able to open your ship on communication tells me that you are all alive! Come out, or face the consequences."

I ordered everyone to hide, and after a minute, the Ur-Quan continued to speak from the screen:

"Very well. Perhaps this is an abandoned starship."

I could hear movement. The Ur-Quan was turning to face something standing next to it, I could tell from the creepy squishy sounds it was making.

"Officer JAN-66, send in two Umgahs and an Ilwrath to scavenge the ship."

We hid as well as we could, and then we heard the airlock open, and footsteps. I felt a tang of fear. Umgahs and Ilwrath were very scary creatures, the Umgahs with their genetic abilities, and the Ilwrath with their love to sacrifice other creatures.

All I could hear were these voices:

"Hey, Gandor, I have funny joke. You want hear joke or you want joke played on you?"

"Shut Up Foolish Umgah, We Are Scavenging This Cruiser, Not Exchanging Jokes."

I could hear the Umgahs creeping around, and the Ilwrath skittering about. Suddenly, the Ilwrath gasped, and a large, strange, voice bellowed.


I just had to peek my head out. One of the Umgahs was holding a strange black ovalish shaped sphere, the other Umgah was giggling, and there was a door that had black mist pooling from it, and I saw 44 eyes gazing at the dumbfounded Ilwrath. I realized just before the Ilwrath opened the door and leaped out that the room wasn't a room, it was the airlock.

Suddenly, all the mist disappeared and revealed the stars of space. The Ilwrath tried to scramble it's way back up but it couldn't.

"We use hologram! Har har har! That joke!"

The Ilwrath imploded and the Umgahs slammed the door. They looked to their side, and saw a bunch of wood stacked on a counter. One of them suddenly took a flamethrower, that I don't really know where it came. I was confused on what they were doing until they suddenly set it on fire. After the wood became ashes, they took it all and went back aboard the Dreadnought. Suddenly the Dreadnought de-attached from the ship, and before it left, it nudged it's ship into ours, sending us towards the sun.

The next twenty seconds were of mass confusion. I hollered for the Navigator to turn everything back on and quickly maneuver around the sun, as fast as physically possible. Temperature climbed and everyone was screaming and panicking around the corridors.

Everything turned back on, life support came back to full power, and the Navigator saved our life. He used one of the greatest Gravity Whips anyone could ever, EVER use. We whipped around the sun, giving us such amazing power that we were sent flying past hundreds of Dreadnoughts, but of course, something bad was bound to happen, and part of our ship scratched a Dreadnought. This wasn't a brush, though, it literally made a huge scar in our ship, and it also crushed two of our men and cut our speed in half (since it broke off half of our fuel reserves and thrusters).

We moved quickly still in HyperSpace, careening in the direction of unknown space. With radars working, I took one final look at the starmap, and the already tiny Earthling sphere of influence disappeared, and with it, the Arilou, leaving only the constantly moving Syreen, and battle-ready Shofixti and Yehat. The Alliance was defeated.

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Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:26 pm
by BaVB
Chapter 2: The First Encounter

We had a good supply of food, it would last at least five months. Our water would last at least nine. Our life support would last at least two years. But we knew that we would probably be in space for at least ten years before we would find help. But this was not the case.

We left HyperSpace in the direction of the southwest (according to the starmap), and the sun's gravity whip was so powerful, that it affected our speed slightly in HyperSpace, giving us a boost of five HyperSpace units per day. It was only three weeks later, we were flying past the Krueger constellation, when suddenly a flurry of unidentified starships surrounded us. One of them opened communication. This strange starship was pink, and looked like it had four wings.

"Welcome to our home stars! We are the Pku-" Of course, I had never been informed of a nearby alien species that COULD of helped us in the war, so I cut this, strange bird thing off.
"Look, who are you, and since when have you been here!?"
The Pkunk shook it's head and sighed, but it shortly after raised it's head and was happy all over again.
"I was going to get to that, if you may let me! As I was saying... WELCOME TO OUR HOME STARS! WE ARE THE PKUNK, Pkunk we are. We have been here for I don't know... a thousand or two years? And now, I have an interesting question for you. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE PASSING THROUGH OUR STARS WITHOUT NOTICE???"

It was still smiling, but it seemed to be annoyed in some way. I began to explain to him about the Alliance of Free Stars, but the very moment I said 'Yehat' he cut me off.

"Ooo! The Yehat haven't killed each other yet? Ohh! This is glorious neeeewwss huuummmaaann! I am sooooooooo happy now! I should now in thank you give you a reward. Hmmm. I wonder what the spirits want me to give you. Ohh! I know! You want to defeat the Ur-Quan, but you just can't surprise them! Ah! We can nudge your ship so you can enter Ur-Quan space in just two days!!!"

His ship began to move, and before he did that, I screamed.
Of course, my crew members, cowards they are, began to run around and scream again. I sighed.
"Look what you've caused, Pkunk."

The Pkunk tilted his head to the side.
"What did I do, human? All I see on my viewscreen is an irritated human sitting in a black leather chair that is suspended in midair, showing you are, like me, the captain of your also tiny and poorly crewed starship. But wait! Maybe we could bring you to our elders so that you may refuel, recrew, and repair your starship. Now we're off!"

The Pkunk docked onto our ship, and it was off. It was so fast, we got to the Giglas constellation in three days. This starship would of been very useful in the war, I wondered why the Alliance didn't take notice of them earlier.

We entered their home star and then entered orbit of the home planet. After speaking with the leaders, we were recrewed, repaired, and refueled. And since we had no place to go, we were made patrol ships at Beta Giglas. We stuck out pretty well.

This went on for a year, living amongst the Pkunk. We always checked our radars, which were now updated with the Pkunk's findings. The Ilwrath sphere of influence grew, the Spathi's grew, the Umgah's stayed, the VUX and the Mycon stayed, and for some reason, the Yehat's sphere stayed, but got a bit smaller.

After the year was over, something terrifying happened.
The Ilwrath's sphere of influence began to go down, until it was halfway into the Pkunk. This was horrifying. Portals began to open in Beta Giglas, but no ship came out. I knew that the Ilwraths had come, cloaked and ready to kill.

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Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:57 am
by BaVB
Chapter 3: Infiltration

Almost instantly, I clicked off the viewscreen, blanking out the vision for everyone in the starship. After hollering at the Crew Officer to get everyone except the Weapons Officer and Navigator out of the room, and after the Crew Officer doing what I said, I turned the viewscreen back on. And then, finally we could get back to work without pointless screaming.

"Weapons Officer, charge up the point defense missiles and heat up the nukes. Navigator, get us out of here." I told them. They both nodded to me and got to work. The familiar ring of the point defense systems charging filled up my ears. I watched as Pkunk starships in our vision were fried. The Avengers were getting closer.

Finally, our Cruiser was turned and was accelerating straight towards the nearest planet. But, I didn't think we would get there in time. Was it over for us? Fear began to encase me, and it got worse as suddenly our vision was filled with the colors of an Avenger in front of us. As the Weapons Officer pointlessly tried zapping the Avenger with the point defense, the Avenger lowered and began to come beneath us. It wasn't shooting flames! But, then soon enough I figured out what was happening. I saw as the Avenger locked it's ship below Blackbird Six and began to dock.

"Navigator! Shut everything down except life support! We got company!" I screamed while I jumped from the captain's chair and down the corridors of the Cruiser. My first stop: the closest kitchen. By the time I got there, everything was deathly quiet. No power. Only the power required to keep us alive was still here. But first thing, I went underneath the sink and grabbed a spare pipe, and then I went to the knife drawer and took two, small knives.

And then I began to go to the Living Quarters (where most of the current operatives were at), to see what was going on. But all I could hear was the sound of my footsteps against metal as I walked down the hallways. Once I approached the next door, I pressed the button to open it, but I heard a clitter clatter noise before I took my first step. I looked behind me, but there was nothing. Then I turned around again. Nothing. Clitter clatter. Clitter clatter.

I put the knives in my pockets and put a firm grip on my metal pipe. Suddenly, I heard a hissing noise. Without thinking I swung my pipe around a full circle, and I felt the impact of the pipe on the skull of an Ilwrath that just showed up behind me. A big cracking noise. The Ilwrath was sprawled on the floor, one of it's legs twitching. I had made a crack in the skull and a rip in the skin. The thing was pumping blood onto the floor, but it was already dead. Then there was another hiss. I turned around, grabbed a knife, and threw it in the air. Sure enough, it landed inbetween a pair of eyes on the Ilwrath. I approached the stunned beast, took out the knife, and sliced open part of it's stomach. It fell to the ground.

But of course, there were probably a lot more of them. This was just the start.

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Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:14 am
by BaVB
Chapter 4: Creepy green things, dangerous green things, and extremely dangerous black things

More corridors. Man, I was getting sick of this already. Hopefully we could get rid of the Ilwrath and I could get back to sitting and bossing around. That was a lot more fun. But finally, I reached the Sleeping Quarters, just around this corner, and... BAM

The bullet dug right into my arm. I fell over to the ground, and collapsed in an instant. As things faded away I heard "Captain! Captain! Are you alright!? Come on, guys! Get a rag, we need pressure on this..!"

I awoke in the sick bay. It turned out that some of the survivors had made a little sandbag wall for protection, stuck guns on them, and shot down Ilwrath as they came. At instinct, really, they shot anything that moved. When I turned the corner, Corporal Baker had shot me by accident.

I held my arm out into the air. The doctor helped me up, but still kept telling me I wasn't in position for duty, but I was going to. I had a rag on my arm keeping blood from pouring out. That was good enough, I needed to know where we were headed now.

By the time I got back into my chair, I realized I had been knocked out for months. It was March 16th. We had made it around Ilwrath space and were now headed into unknown space above. Our fuel supply was still moderately high. I don't know how, but the Pkunk somehow modified Blackbird Five so it had higher fuel capacity. It was 11:57, almost midnight. And then suddenly, Arilou starships dotted our radar. Was this their home? We prepared to meet them, but suddenly the clock rang 12:00, and then a portal opened up beneath us and sucked us up.

This definitely had to do with the Arilou.

By the time our starship stopped shaking, everything outside the ship was green. A bright, lime green. Was this like a backwards HyperSpace? "Navigator," I told him, "-goto to coordinates 520.0 by 540.0. I have a bad feeling about those other portals." The Navigator nodded and somehow, we made it extremely fast there, and with no fuel. Soon enough, we were sucked in and the ship was once again shaking. But, good enough, we were back in HyperSpace.

"Sir, I have some bad news," the Navigator said. "We've landed far from any civilization we know: in the middle of the Crateris star system."

Then, thousands of two types of ships dotted the radar. One of them was recognized. We watched in horror as we were approached by the recognizable Ur-Quan Dreadnoughts, and a new, unknown ship. One of the unknown ships was the first to get to us.

The comm screen clicked on to reveal the ugly face of a black-like Ur-Quan, with dark red eyes and a black body. It postured itself over a pit of bones from many unrecognized species.

"We are the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah. We clense our destiny. You are filth. Prepare to die. Make whatever rituals are necessary for your species."