Otherwhen Chapter 1: The Coming of Age

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Otherwhen Chapter 1: The Coming of Age

Post by Lukipela »

As always, there is a ruckus in the younglings hut. Makaki and Tanaki have gotten into a loud argument regarding the nature of honour. Setanka and a couple of others are playing tag. The air is filled with noise, but it is a happy kind of noise. It’s the sound of young Shofixti growing up.

Suddenly, the curtain in front of the hut door is pulled aside. Three elders stride in, and the noise immediately dies down. Setanka, slow as ever, is the last one to notice the visitors as he bumps into one of them. The elder lifts him up and looks at him critically.

“You are brash and young!”, the elder shouts at the quivering Setanka. “If you were outside the hut, things may have gone quite badly, you miserable excuse for a Shofixti!”

He begins to shake Setanka back and forth while speaking in a calmer voice. Somehow that makes it worse.

“You are almost adult you miserable runt. Soon, you will exit this sad excuse for a hut and by the all father, if you do not shape up by then I will show you every face of pain myself! A Shofixti is always aware of his surroundings! A Shofixti does not run around like a decapitated chicken!”

With a swift throw, he sends Setanka flying. The hapless youngster smacks against the far wall of the hut, and falls to the ground. He whimpers slightly. The elders turn to look at you.

“Younglings of the third hut! Tomorrow you will have seen three moons and your childhood will come to an end. You know the lore. Leave this hut by dawn and do not return during the next three suns. When you come back, you will be adult Shofixti.”

The elders leave without any ceremony.

As soon as they have left, the air is buzzing with excitement. Finally! You’ve spent your entire life in this hut, playing and training during daytime and learning at night. Every day, you have waited for the moment when you would be allowed to leave the younglings hut and take your place in the clan. And now the time has finally come. You are all excited, even Setanka though he is still a bit dizzy from his fall. You discuss where to go and what to do during your banishment. Every Shofixti must go alone, but there is no harm in discussing the alternatives together.

That night, you have a dream. This is unusual, as the nights are usually times of learning. You are not used to this kind of luxury, to be allowed to waste time during the night. In your dream, you are flying far above the younglings hut. You can see the entire Island, the place the clan calls home. Suddenly, you hear a voice in your head. So much for being alone.

“There is a cave in the eastern mountains. It hides many strange things, but also plenty of danger. If you go there and live, you will return to the clan with a marvellous story to tell. To the west, by the great pier, a small boat has been hidden in the rockfall. With it you can sail out from the island towards great adventures.”

As you hover far above the Island, both places begin to glow. Slowly the glow spreads from the places along the paths, until it reaches the younglings hut. You memorize the paths, unsure which is the right one to take.

Suddenly, you wake up. It is dawn, but the other younglings are still asleep. It is time for you to leave. The question is, where should you go?

1. The Cave sounds exciting.
2. The Sea is my destiny!
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Re: The Coming of Age

Post by Dabir »

Since I loathe water, I'll vote for the cave.
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Re: The Coming of Age

Post by Nuclear »

A dark, damp, cold and possibly dangerous cave? Gotta be better then water...
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Re: The Coming of Age

Post by Dicefailure »

Water, so strange...so mysterious.. what terrors could it hide. Perhaps the warm of the cave, dangers or not, will be a better choice. I will go to the cave, and perhaps bring back some trophy, hard won from its unknown depths!
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Re: The Coming of Age

Post by Fossaman »

But surely there would not be a boat if I were not meant to use it? A cave would be there all the time, but a boat! That is new and interesting. I should go to the sea!
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Re: The Coming of Age

Post by Draxas »

Everyone knows the best adventures lie upon the waves of the open ocean. To the boat!
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Re: The Coming of Age

Post by Death 999 »

You know dwarf fortress? That game is hard core. Making it out of that kind of place means something. Going on a boat for three days? Sure, sailing sometimes is trying and hard - but it doesn't happen that often. Not risking nothing worthy happening.
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Re: The Coming of Age

Post by Smoke353 »

To the boat!
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Re: The Coming of Age

Post by Alen »

Id suppose that the safer of the two would be the ocean. SET SAIL!
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Re: The Coming of Age

Post by Dragon »

Danger awaits? The cave it is!
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