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The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 4:57 pm
by Draxas
Greetings, delegates, and welcome to the first session of the Grand Council. I am a Melnorme Automated Diplomatic Mediation Unit, catalog number 3641-C, and will be a neutral and impartial party overseeing these proceedings. Should any delegates desire to address me directly, you may simply call me "Mediator."

Currently, our sector stands on the cusp of a new era. With the recent destruction of the Sa-Matra, the retreat of both Ur-Quan subspecies coreward, and the freeing of all known slave races, this is a critical time for the voices of all sentients to be heard. As such, this body was created to further diplomatic relations among the multitude of races residing in our sector, and hopefully broker a lasting peace. Therefore, all sentients of our sector, regardless of previous affiliations, are welcome to send a representative to this body to take part in the making of history and the shaping of our future.

Without further ado, the floor is now open to any who wish to speak.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:29 pm
by chenjesuwizard
The doors of the Council hall flung open as a Chenjesu entered the hall. He slowly mad his way to a spare seat at the front.
Everyone stared at him in silence, he could tell they were shocked by his appearance:
"I'm Tzerk-Tzak-Tzik of the Chenjesu" He said in a clear and confident voice. They still stared.
"Why are you staring? Have I not made myself clear? What else do you want from me?"
He could tell they were looking for some kind of explaination, but he didn't know what to say.
Quickly, a young human placed a screen in fron of him, which he began to read.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:06 pm
by BaVB
The Pkunk and Yehat exited from behind the Chenjesu. The Pkunk was dancing happily in front of the Yehat. The Pkunk looked at the Chenjesu and whispered to the Yehat. After a short moment of talking to one another they took their seats. The Pkunk was the one who spoke.

"Hello everyone! My name is Tookie Zookie of the Pkunk - Yehat race! I come here to speak for me and my Yehat brethren. We have been building up our powerful and REMARKABLE culture and it is... well going very nicely!!!

Very few of us have actually been creating a Hybrid race like the Chmmr. Not all of us, mainly the Yehats, are willing to do... well, you should all know!! Anyway. We have a very tiny BUT GROWING Pkhat culture! Their ships are being produced as we speak. But not talking about the Pkhats us Pkunk have been exploring the distant stars and we have come across an evil race called the DRUUGE!!! Wait. You should probably know about them. Well, don't go near them for the sake of your wondrous crew and possessions! The Yehat have been entering VUX space attempting to create peaceful relations, to no avail. The Yehat have been urging us to declare war, but enter the power of Birky Girky the first we have been withdrawing Terminators. Also the Yehats have been helping the Shofixti with their destroyed planet. The Shofixti are so cute! I mean, they-"

The Pkunk was stopped by the nudging of the Yehat. Soon enough, the Pkunk continued to speak.

"Oh my! Here I am rambling on about myself and my interests! Or at least I was going to. You can all speak now!!!"

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:36 pm
by chenjesuwizard
Tzerk-Tzak-Tzik looked up from the screen and turned to the Council,
"I understand your confusion now, for you thought the Chenjesu were extinct, changed to Chmmr. This information screen has explained all we have missed. We are sorry for any confusion we have caused.
You may wish me to explain why I am here, and I will, in due course. But first..."
He turned to the Pkunk,
"I recognise the Pkunk delegate, Tookie Zookie as delegate for Pkunk and Yehat, and we are please to see our allies again. What news have you?"

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:42 pm
by Maloo Oture
The comm system suddenly comes to life.

*Incoming Message Via Hyperwave Channel 11... Message is as follows:*

A calm and steady voice begins to speak.

"Greetings. I am called Ahnd of the Burvixese. I represent the voice of over 2,000 refugees. I have been sent to contact this station under the direct orders of our newly appointed prince. We come with peace and good will. We look forward to a lasting peace that the galaxy's sentients are now proposing."

"Unfortunately, I cannot remain on the topic of pleasantries. In recent years, our homeworld has been devastated. Because of our nature, we will not disclose to this council who the attackers were. We do not wish to raise aggrivations. However, it is requested that teams be sent to our homeworld for recovery. We ask for all that can be donated. While waiting amongst the Utwig for our attackers to leave, we have entered into trade relations with the Melnorme. We have aquired small amounts of materials. Enough to build small settlements on our homeworld. Even still, we are struggling to servive. All donations are appreciated. If our request for help is acknowledged, we will disclose further information at that time."

"Thank you."

*End Of Message*

At that, the comm system crackles and then silences.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:26 am
by Alvarin
Fwarrin, the Spathi delegat, got up from the seat and begun raising his claw, but after a second sat down again without saying anything.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:54 am
by BaVB
The Pkunk giggled. "This is so much fun!" He said to the Yehat. The Yehat ignored him, and so the Pkunk realized again and began to speak. "So, the Chenjesu, I heard you were part of the OLD Alliance of Free Stars that were destroyed with the Mr... Mrnmh.. um... well I don't know how to pronounce their names but by listening in stories I heard those robotic beings and you fused together to create the great Chmmr that roam the stars today. Fascinating! If I may ask, where are the Mrnm... uh robots right now if you still exist?"

And then he looked at the Spathi. "Speak! Don't worry, you can speak um..." The Yehat whispered something to the Pkunk, and then Pkunk continued to speak: "Aha! Spathi! You can speak, little cute Spathi."

The Yehat whispered again to the Pkunk.

"Oh!" The Pkunk came into realization. "Chenjesu, I am dearly sorry I didn't answer your question. In case you haven't noticed already the Ur-Quan have been defeated, and their evil, even MORE even then the Ur-Quan brethren, the Kohr-Ah, have also been defeated! Their trophy, the Sa-Matra, has been annihilated as well.

Also we the Pkunk were found in our hiding space being attacked by the Ilwrath. The person who found us was a human captain named Zelnick, oh was he a nice little fellow! He also discovered the Supox, planty people, their allies, the masked Utwig, the Kohr-Ah of course, the Zoq, Fot, and Pik Alliance, these little funny people who love playing a good game of Frungy, the Arilou'la'le'lay sphere of influence those green people, QuasiSpace, the Arilou home and a COMPLETELY different dimension, the Orz, these creepy fishies who talk funny, the Slylandro, these little guys who live in their gas giant, the Melnorme, a bunch of blow-up traders, and the Druuge I think... the evil variation of the Melnorme! And... I hope that's it. Also the Androsynth have disappeared, the Mycon Fleet has been decimated, the retired Admiral ZEX has been killed, the Ur-Quan 'Talking Pets' have been proved to be unsentient versions of untelligent mind controlling froggies called the Dnyarri, the Sentient Milleu has been heard of, a long-ago alliance of ancient species, a factory has been discovered in Vela, the Yehat Queen has been overthrown and replaced with a Pkunk, we were absorbed into the Yehat culture just then, and um... I can't really think of any more. A lot has happened while you were gone, Chenjesu!!!"

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:05 am
by Maloo Oture
*The Following Is A Recorded Message Via Hyperwave Channel 11*

"Burvixese ambassador Ahnd speaking. I have recorded this message as to make the current
council aware that we will be watching these proceedings from afar. Until we have determined whether or not this is a safe place to reside, we would like for our position to remain unknown. If ever one desires to contact us, we can be reached through hyperwave channel 11. Please forgive our hesitation. We as a race are not very experienced with face to face alien interactions. That is all

"Thank you."

The comm crackels and silences.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 5:23 pm
by chenjesuwizard
The Chenjesu turned to the Pkunk and began to speak again,
"Thankyou, I now understand the nature of this council.
Now you ask of the Mmrnmhrm. We do not know if there is any of them left, for we have none in our group, nor did we ever have. Though we will inform you of anytig which we find."
Then he turned to the Comm Screen and turned on Hyperwave Channel 11
"Burvixese, are you there? We wish to speak"

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:05 pm
by Maloo Oture
The screen flips on automatically.

*Please Hold While You Are Connected To A Representative...*

A few seconds pass and the screen turns black. Only a calm voice can be heard.

"I am Burvixese Tele-Commander Jhunah. We apologize for the absence of our delagate, Ambassador Ahnd. He is currently in proceedings with our High Prince. I have the authority to answer any questions that I can. I also have permission to sort out plans for rebuilding our homeworld. I now recognize the Chenjesu delegate..."

The speaker stops talking and waits for a repsonse.