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Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:23 pm
by chenjesuwizard
The Chenjesu delegat replied:
"Thankyou, we are very pleased you have decided to join us and hope that you may make a physical appearence at some point.
We have many questions to ask you, but I have one which I am sure all delegates thinking. My screen says you were destroyed by the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah. How did you escape?"

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:51 pm
by Maloo Oture
Tele-Commander Jhunah breathes in steadily, hesitates, and then says;

"Forgive my hesitation. This is a very heavy topic on the hearts of every last Burvixese today. Two weeks before the genocide on our homeworld, we had beghun talks with the Utwig about visiting another race for the first time. We built our finest craft and sent them toward Utwig space. This, in itself, was a difficult task. Leaving our home was the last thing any one of us had thought about. But we did. And it turned out to be our slavation. While we, the team sent to Utwig space, were en route, our home was attacked ruthlessly. According to our most sensitive scanners, we knewthat the destruction of our neighbors took only three days to complete. We wish to keep them unamed at this time. We ran calculations and discovered the unbearable. Our homeworld, just like our neighbors, had been decimated. We do not wish to divulge information as to who the attacker was, though, as to keep from hightening ill-will. So we can neither confirm or deny that the attackers were of Kohr-Ah. We searched and searched for the faintest signs of life, yet none existed. Our team aboard these ships were all that were left of our people."

"We numbered in the hundreds at that time. Our biology, though, is such that one of our females, when ready, can have up to 11 eggs in a single clutch. We have been very careful as to make our females ready. Thus, we now number exactly 2,583. We cannot at this time disclose where we are. Forgive us. We hope this answers your query to the fullest degree."

"I also feel obliged to clarify to this council that, while present, we wish to remain unaffiliated until we have absolute certainty that we can call this place safe."

"Also, we recognize the other sentients of this galaxy desire to have face to face contact. No doubt it is a more personable concept. We cannot however, do this so easily. Many things ahve changed though and until we have had time to restructure our culture, we will remain where we are. Apologies."

"I would like to remind the council that we still require assistance. We have commenced talks with the Spathi delegate, Fwarrin, on a sub-channel of this frequency.We have opened our doors to trade with them. We hope other sentients will follow suit."

"Is there anything else we can put answers to?"

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:06 pm
by chenjesuwizard
"We, the Chenjesu, would be greatful to help you in your cause and we understand your need for privacy. Anything we can do to help we will."
"Now we would like to bring forward a proposal to the council:
As you may realise we are a currently homeless race, since our home, Procyon, is occupied. We wish to colonise the old Pkunk stars, including Gamma Krueger. We will, of course, let you salvage any precious possesions you may have left there.
Is this fair?"

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:32 pm
by BaVB
Pkunk opened his mouth to speak but the Yehat stopped him. The two spoke for a moment. Soon enough, the Yehat's eyes narrowed and he began to get irritated with the Pkunk. Soon enough, after debate, they decided to do something else.
"My Yehat friend is going to leave the room for the moment to decide. It seems me and him have a cross decision as if we should let you. The Yehat, Beep-Veep, has decided the territory would be good in the colonization of the Pkhat race, apart from us for 'plenty of good reasons' as he says, but I say why not? I think we should keep our Pkhat children close to us, they are a weak, undeveloped race that need HEAVY psychic teaching and lots of uplifting.

During the time where the Pkunk was speaking, he was abruptly interrupted by a new sentient. It was a short, half-pkunk half yehat eyed, Pkunk fingered, Yehat winged, Yehat face, Pkunk voice Yehat. A Pkhat.

"I am dearly sorry I am late." He said. "Allow me to introduce myself and my race. I am Girk-Neep of the slowly developed Pkhat race. I gather by my parent species personalities I have been barely talked of other then my race's small exsistance. We are at 10,263 to be excat, 7,263 of them not being the parents of a Yehat or Pkunk, but ourselves."

The Pkhat sat down next to the Pkunk. The Pkunk hugged him, but the Pkhat brushed him off, for he going to continue speaking. "We Pkhat are here today to inform you of our history and everything going on right now, be it very brief. And also, if Birky Girky allows it, be taking the stars the Pkunk once lived in once we are large enough,

Soon enough the Yehat appeared, and sat next to the Pkunk, away from the Pkhat.

"Birky Girky has spoken. The Chenjesu will occupy the original Pkunk stars."

The Pkhat grew angry, but just heaved out a sigh instead of yelling at the Yehat and questioning the queen. There would always be another world habitable for the Pkhat race somewhere in the stars.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:06 pm
by Maloo Oture
"Burvixese Tele-Commander Jhunah speaking. Chenjesu delegate, we do not understand your motion. According to our sensor sweeps, we know that the planet in question at Procyon is a Saphire World. Would it not be preferable to find another world such as the one at Procyon for your habitation? We may be able to provide data on the where-abouts of these worlds. This way, both parties can acchieve their goals for further advancement."

"Forgive me if it is not our place to make such a suggestion."

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Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:27 pm
by Dyandod

The races currently present turned toward the door to see four guards escorting a VUX into the room. It was a strange sight-the VUX was clearly attempting to appear confident and steady as he headed toward his seat, but he was also trying to avoid making eye-contact with any other species. Nevertheless, his constant "Urk"-ing seemed to mean that it wasn't working. He finally made it to seat, looked around, immediately choked, then winced, and finally closed his eye for a moment, regaining his composure. "Well, I can't say I'm- (Urp!)- sorry I'm late. I'm delegate VIK speaking for the VUX." With that, he turned his attention to the communication screen.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:42 pm
by BaVB
The Pkunk spoke as soon as the VUX stopped. "Welcome VIK of the VUX! We are all so happy to see a speaker for the VUX as this current moment." The Pkhat and the Yehat both gave spiteful glanced at the VUX, but the Pkunk just smiled.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:56 pm
by chenjesuwizard
The Chenjesu first turned to the Pkunk, Yehat and Pkhat.
"We do not wish to cause any problems, and will remove our request if nessecary."
He then turned to the Burvixese
"We have many reasons that we wish to move to the Giclas Constellation:
For one, we have come from an area below the giclas constellation, in uncharted space and so our race is already there.
Secondly, We wish to stay near out home, but not go to it. We want to stay in familiar space.
We also wish to rebuild the cities of the Pkunk civilization, so that we may set up faster and become a more productive member of the space community. We also find the Pkunk architecture is well suited to our needs.
Finally, we do not wish to go onto another sapphire planet. The Chenjesu race do not die of old age. Each individual can live for millions of years on Procyon. In fact, before we enterred space, most Chenjesu had not heard of death. Anyway, to return to my point, after millions of years of seeing the same crystal some Chenjesu want a change, they wish to see a different world"
Finally, He turned to the Vux
"Welcome, Vlik. But may I ask, why are you here? I have been told that all attempts to enter diplomatic negotiations had failed."

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Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:29 am
by DefenderDT
The South-hall doors swing wide, as a massive being strode through it. Walking on more than a handfull of tendrils at a time, it scudded gracefully across the floor to a larger seat near no other race. The other races were speaking, so he did not say a word, waiting only for someone to recognize his Mycon form.

The monitor in front of him flashed slightly, and he awaited the inevitable.

Re: The Grand Council Revival

Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:36 am
by Nuclear
No sooner did the Chenjesu finish his query when all attention was directed to the doors, which were rather rudely burst open. In to the room came three gray jump suit wearing figures {With rather fashionable boots}; two {Identical} females with pink insignias on their suits walking behind one male with an important looking black insignia.

The Androsynth ambassador walks into the middle of the round room, a confused look on his face "Greetings fellow sentients! Yehat, Mycon, Chenjesu (?), Burvixese (?) and..." The Androsynth cringes in the direction of the bird delegates, "Whatever in Vega's name you are..."

The Pkhat shot a scowl at the Android. The 'Synth replied "No, not you, the comedic bird creature sitting above you!" The Pkunk blinked, blissfully ignorant of the aliens words.

"Anyways", said the Androsynth, not wishing to humiliate himself further, "I am RTL-79, representing the slowly reviving civilization of the Androsynth. These are my two subordinates, RK-56 and RK-91."

The 2 girls bathe in the temporary attention, RTL-79 rolls his eyes.

"As you may know", continues RTL-79, "We have been able to restore ourselves back to the integrity and safety of truespace in the Andromedae constellation after being missing for almost a decade. We have much to elaborate on but we shall wait for the other delegates to arrive before we clarify on all we have....learned"

With that, the 3 'Synth find their seats between the Mycon and Vux, to the dismay of the dangerously woozy aliens.