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Re: The Grand Council IV - IC

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:45 am
by krulle
We do NOT have slaves!
It is indeed the duty of those attending the furnaces to ensure sufficient fuel is being burned when there is an increased need for energy. This is part of the working contract EVERY employee of the Crimson Corporation signed. And every employee signed out of free will, which is part of our laws.
But most employees have an education level, which would be wasted by having these employees working anywhere near the furnaces. All the investments made would be wasted. And you think otherwise, but efficiency is very important to the Crimson Corporation.
Hence we spend fortunes educating our employees, thus giving them the chance to rise the ranks to jobs, where their talent is better used than with menial work.

Granted, in our economy, people do not have much choice besides signing a contract to work for one or the other division of the Crimson Corporation. Many have signed a contract with us, and worked their way up the echelons. As did I, Mr... eh, Admiral Clark. I have worked may way up from attending the furnaces, and made my fortune the day Mr. Zelnick visited our trade worlds for the first time. I have used the expertise of having been present at the meetings to make myself invaluable for the Crimson Corporation... But there are many success-hungry employees under my care, who desire to replace me. And if my superiors get the impression, that others will be more efficient than me, I will be replaced. But rigt now, I intend to show my superiors, that having a larger delegation at "the Grand Council" will benefit the company, and this way create career chances for many oher employees.

As for our former employees, that have been serving aboard the Maulers transferred toCptn. Zelnick, of course their contract with the Crimson Corporation has ended. The contract has been, according to the terms of the contract, transferred to Cpt. Zelnick and the "New Confederation of Free Stars", as part of the deals we concluded with Cpt. Zelnick.
The exact obligations and limits of obligations are now governed under the regulation of the company or state Mr. Zelnicks starship has been flying.
Which is of no concern to us.
Our duty of care towards our employees aboard those ships ended that day.

But if your furnace technologies are so much better, maybe we can interest you in transferring your technology over to us? This would benefit the employees fo the lowest income tiers in our economy, for whom you seem to have so much concerns...

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Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 1:55 pm
by gtb2002
BRAAK! Avoiding most of the newer accusations and repeating old points seems like deflection to me if I've ever seen it. It seems you have no answer for the accusations made tough Cpt. Zelnick's adventure or the accusation about purposely making your furnaces burn sentient beings and get reasonable energy from it thus meaning every time the mauler is low on energy a crew member will sacrifice himself because he must give the furnace sufficient fuel.

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Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:06 pm
by krulle
The Mauler does use tremendous amounts of energy for the high-velocity impact mass our weapon shoots. The constant energy demand to keep the electromagnetic acceleration coils fully charged leaves our ship rather defenseless, if the weapons officer does not take proper aim when shooting. Our energy storage devices may be the best among the ones abailable in the local sector, but are limited in effectiveness simply by the sheer amount of energy used by our weapon.
If the volunteer would not offer himself, our ship would become a... a... a sitting goose, if I understand Human idioms correctly, and this would mean the death of all aboard.

We have acquired copies of Human films from pre-hologram times. Humans understand the need for heroic sacrifices in times of war and fight. They have made plenty of films about how soldiers sacrifice themselves to save the rest of the crew.

In a fight, if absolutely needed, yes, the captain will ask for volunteers to save the rest of the crew. And logically, you will not ask the weapons officer or chief of repair crew to sacrifice himself first. The one with the least necessity for the fight usually offers himself first.
We have long lists of our heroic crew members who sacrificed themselves, and we have several formal and informal celebrations to remember and honour them.

And you will find, that when we are not in a fight, our generators create more than sufficient energy for all our needs, thus there is no need to call for volunteers.
But extreme situations do require extreme measures.
And rebuilding the entire Ilwrath economy is a task that does require more than extreme measures.

Turning to the Ilwrath delegation, Maalin continues
Together with our furnace technology come our generators, which are needed to preheat the furnaces. The devices are linked, just like in our Maulers. In normal circumstances they will produce sufficient energy. If more is required, the furnaces will need attendance.
Our offer still stands.

And the Human delegate should be able to confirm, that when not in fights, no crew member needs to sacrifice himself to save the rest of the ship.

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Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:56 am
by Draxas
Now annoyed, even Representative Garrett scowled at the Druuge's latest statement.

"Who do you think you're fooling?" he retorted, losing his composure, "Nearly every other race in this sector has high efficiency batteries installed in their ships as a primary power source, and it would be trivial to power a Mauler using them as well. There should be no need to burn anything to power your ships. That furnace is nothing more than an instrument of psychological torture and an easy way to dispose of undesirables. You can spin your points and quibble about semantics all you like, but everyone in this room, not to mention the sector at large, can see right through you."

Composing himself, he turned toward the Ilwrath representative.

"The New Alliance stands ready to aid your efforts to rebuild your civilization, if you are as sincere about this change in direction for your society as you claim," he said, smoothly transitioning back to his usual calm demeanor. "We are willing to provide material aid in the form of base metals and power sources, as well as any other reasonable requirements. In exchange, we have non-aggression and territorial rights treaties being drafted by the New Alliance's Joint Council. We would require these treaties to be signed before we are able to assist. If you are interested in this sort of arrangement, you may contact me over private channels and we can discuss the particulars. I am hopeful that we can begin a new chapter of peaceful relations between our people with this agreement."

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Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:53 pm
by gtb2002
Well because the Ur-quan seem absent I will take this time to ask if anyone has an idea about how we will deal with the VUX and Mycon due to both races hostile nature.

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Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:29 am
by Maloo Oture
Lord 004, who up until now had been composing a rebuilding scenario on his device, finally breaks concentration and returns to the discussion.

"This body has foolishly declined the aid of the Ur-Quan in rebuilding this sector's government. However, we are still bound by the treaty. To this end, we will instead focus our efforts on the rebuilding of infrastructure of the races involved in the war. Despite losing the Sa-Matra, we have a great wealth of mineral assets."

Lord 004 turns so that three of its six eyes are clearly focused on the Ilwrath, Human, and Yehat delegates.

"Former fallow slaves and thralls, send me the exact requirements for the rebuilding of your worlds and defensive fleets. Once we have analyzed the data, we can begin to fabricate the necessary components."

Lord 004 adjusts its posture again, this time to face the Utwig.

"Utwig. Your fleets voluntarily engaged in the attacks on the Sa-Matra as an independent force. We do not represent the Kohr-Ah. Therefor, you will not be reimbursed for resources lost."

Finally, the Ur-Quan returned to it's original hanging position without addressing any of the Druuge's most recent comments. In it's thought organ, Lord 004 did not recognize their legitimacy or their relevance in the current topic.

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Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:36 am
by gtb2002
BRAAK!The only thing we Yehat need to rebuild is our starfleet caused by the first war against you and the revolution against the dishonorable queen. If yer resources are as vast as you say then to reclaim yer honor ye must give every species affected by you enough material to rebuild themselves to their state before the war and to have double the starfleet they had at that point.
The Yehat smirks with anticipation for the slug's response to his outrageous comment.

Re: The Grand Council IV - IC

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:18 am
by Draxas
"Hmph," snorted the Admiral, "You don't really understand just what enslavement meant for us, despite thousands of years of history first having it inflicted upon you, and then inflicting it upon others. Just before the shield went up around Earth, you took great pains to destroy every vestige of our history and culture older than just a few centuries, presumably to make the statement that we should remember nothing other than the yoke the Ur-Quan placed upon us. Those were priceless historical treasures, every physical remnant of our ancestors, vaporized in an instant simply to further demonstrate your power over us. This is to say nothing of the billions of lives lost during decades of neglect beneath the shield, when you were too busy doing your damnable ritual dance with your cousins to sustain those you claim to have been protecting and preserving."

Clearly losing his temper, Admiral Clark sprang to his feet and jabbed a finger toward the Ur-Quan Lord.

"What would the Ur-Quan do, if forced into confinement on a world half as large as was needed to sustain them?" he shouted, "What would you remember, if every physical object older than 200 years was taken from you? Your race, who values their freedom and traditions so dearly, took both from us and left us to perish!"

As the Admiral composed himself and took his seat, Representative Garrett added, "Just how do the Ur-Quan propose to recompense us for this kind of damage? We have adequate material resources to rebuild our fleets and recolonize worlds. But the cost in lives borders on genocidal, which you claim to be the domain of the Kohr-Ah but inflict through inaction alone. How many other hundreds or thousands of races has this brand of genocide by neglect been inflicted on? Do you even know if your other so-called fallow slaves survive under their slave shields? And how do you put a price on our past, that which is irreplaceable, some of which had been lost and not yet rediscovered? That damage can never be undone, but I think we are all eager to know how you intend to try."

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Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:00 am
by Maloo Oture
Lord 004, though unable to make any expressions that a Human would recognize, is clearly puzzled by the Humans. It moves toward the central area to address the Admiral and Representative.

"Human soldier. Your response is an emotion-filled spattering of words. Your species clearly clings to material objects. Materials can be replaced. The Ur-Quan do not understand the outrage for the protection of your species. Are you not here today? Does your species not continue its evolutionary processes? Yes, it does. And for this, you can thank the Ur-Quan."

"Do not forget Human. The Ur-Quan have persevered a much more terrible slavery than that which you describe. Your captain Zelnick has spoken the words. Indeed, he spoke them well. We have explained our history to him. Perhaps you should review his logs. You will find that what you called slavery by the Ur-Quan does not come close to what the Ur-Quan know as slavery. All that the Ur-Quan have taken from our fallow species, is the guarantee of their demise. Because of us, they live in perpetuity."

The alien turns, now, toward the Representative.

"Human diplomat. The treaty signed by the Hierarchy and the New Alliance states that the Ur-Quan are to remain here until the New Alliance is satisfied in their rebuilding efforts. Yet, you ask us what we intend to do. On the contrary, you must provide us with your demands. Do not forget, your species was not the only one to take great losses in the form of individual lives. Many Hierarchy officers were eliminated during the war. Not to mention the many thralls that were on board their vessels in our attack fleets. Your claim of genocide is not at all the fault of the Ur-Quan. Your species was assessed to have the ability to exist beneath the shield. Yet, you turned on each other and became violent. You did not adequately share the resources on your world as so many other fallow species have done. This is a fault of your own. However, the Ur-Quan can be held responsible for the failure to resupply the starbase around your world. If not for the renegade human, Zelnick, the Humans there would have perished.

As for your inquiry about the fallow slaves in other sectors: Yes. They do survive. Not only that, but they thrive. Our former thralls are tasked with guarding their worlds and resupplying their stations. Additionally, a small contingent of Ur-Quan remain in each sector to enforce the laws of the Hierarchy."

"Now, if you are done with your instinctual outburst, list your demands."

Still unsure of what the Human delegation is doing by prolonging this meeting with a rehash of the war's events, the Ur-Quan returns to it's previous position, waiting for the New Alliance members to finally come to terms with the fact that the war is over.

Re: The Grand Council IV - IC

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:03 am
by krulle
Maalin, having been conversing through his communicator with an unseen crew, returns to the conversation and interjects:
You state that other fallow slaves that have been imprisoned beneath your shields are thriving.
But you are not capable of proof.

The Spathi have requested to remain under their shield, so it seems they are happy with it.
But the Humans, and the Syreen not. The Chenjesu and Mmhrmhrm were not, and only accepted it due to their need to gain time. And they explicitly stated, that the shield gives less solar energy to the surface below, than solar energy would directly give.

How the Spathi will fare depends on much their ecology will take the reduced energy flow. But being the fearful mollusks they are, they tend to prefer closed cupboards anyway.

We Druuge have, through well-planning, been lucky enough to evade being pulled into your slaving and genocidal wars, but you have cost us many trade possibilities, and accordingly many profits. You have caused the worst economic recession our company ever had to endure. And for that we require compensation.
As economic growth and profits are impossible to predict, we propose a non-material exchange of information.
We have gathered a large stock of genuine precursor artifacts, but are presently still unable to understand the workings and purose of a few of these artifacts.
Seeing that you have travelled a lot in this galaxy, and have therefore likely met more Precursor installations than we did, you may posses the missing gaps of knowledge we are trying to close.
In return for our knowledge of Precursor technology and society, we want a copy of your likely more comprehensive database regarding Precursor Technology, how to read their writings, locations of factories and artifacts you know of.