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Re: The Grand Council IV - IC

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:43 am
by Quasispatial
Beginning to speak once more, this time clad in the Rational Mask of Debate, the Utwig representative turn their focus towards the Ur-Quan.

"Even now, your sight is clouded by your own predjudices. We do not seek to rule this sector. Nor do we wish to see a system where a single race is the sole ruler. We only wish to prevent those who would be unsuited for the task, such as yourself, from doing the same."

"You speak of your 'greater' experience, yet for all your history, many details yet elude you. You have not seen peace for two dozen millenia. You know only the rule of an iron fist. You claim to have surpassed your instincts, yet you are driven by fear. You solve your problems by sealing them away beneath shields, even when this would lead to their undoing. How many races have been sealed beneath the shield, only to consume the last of their resources and, unable to procure more, then devolved into anarchy? Races which may have prospered if you had not weighed them down. When you form your Hierarchy, I assure you, the Utwig will not be part of it, and I am certain that the Supox, our closest allies, would tell you the same."

Having delivered a satisfactory retort, Nermi switches masks for the Cover of Polite Suggestions, starting to address the gathering at large. Except for the Ur-Quan. They are thoroughly ignored.

"We would propose an alternative. A union of races, one where no race is above another, where each one has their own voice. A union with no leader, no dominant force. An alliance of cooperation where individual races retain their freedom of choice, where each one dictates its own path. I realize that this would appear unrealistic to most, but together, the Ultron has revealed that our strength would only grow. Each race would have their own representative, forming a loose government which would operate solely within larger matters, leaving lesser arguments to be handled by the races themselves. The system would not be perfect, but the proposed 'Hierarchy' would be even less so. Let us unite under one banner, so that we may prepare ourselves for the coming darkness."

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:33 pm
by krulle
The Ilwrath representative wrote:Now Of Course I Would Like To Ask All Attending Races If They Would Care To Aid Our Rebuilding Efforts?
Looking slightly greedy and agitated, the Druuge representative Maalin answers:
We will install some of our energy furnaces, so that your population will have access to a supply of sufficient energy, as long as you supply sufficient fuel for the furnaces; we even offer an exclusive training on top for a set of young Ilwrath willing to serve aboard our ships and be trained to attend the furnaces. This way you will in future even have a trained workforce for your furnaces, so that they do not need to be operated by one of our engineers anymore.
We see this as a win-win trade for you and us.

If you have more specific requirements, I have been authorised to offer help on behalf of the Crimson Corporation, if you can provide us with three of your fully functional Avengers with full crew complements and an engineer to service and explain to us the devices on board, and a trade agreement for future trades between your people and the Crimson Corporation.
Please contact our trade attaché on board of my Mauler.

But, as the honest merchant company that we are, we must also warn you that we have heard that there is a race called the Melnorme
which has recently entered this part of the galaxy.
We understand that they sell fuel for gross profit
charge fees for common knowledge
and provide a `rescue service' which amounts to little more than piracy.
How criminal.
Just an aside, Embassador. We thought you might like to know
that the resources which can be salvaged from a Melnorme wreck are phenomenal.

[OOC]last paragraph adapted from the game text files[/OOC]

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:01 pm
by palmpet
The Ilwrath representative is intrigued by the Druuge's offer.

I Am Interested Druuge Representative. Finding An Efficient Power Source Is Of Great Importance. However Before Anything is Set In Stone... I Have Some Questions. First, What Is An Sufficient Fuel Source That You Can Use For These Furnaces? Second, How Long Would Our Young Be Serving On Your Starships? And Finally, What Do You Want With Three Avengers?

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:40 pm
by gtb2002
Cheep-Guava looks to the Ilwrath representative.
I've heard rumours about the Druuge and their furnaces some say they use the people they trade
as fuel for their furnace. Now I have no idea of the truth of these claims.

He turns his head towards the Druuge.
But I do know the Druuge trade in living creatures to be members of their Crimson corperation we may need to question the ethics of how the Druuge attain many of their crews. Meanwhile at least the Melnorme trade honorably even if some consider withholding info to be wrong.

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:03 pm
by Draxas
"Well, now this is a damn farce," boomed a voice from the entryway, "This council just got started and not only are the Druuge trying to trade for slaves, but the Quans are going to enslave us all again? Figures."

The voice emanated from a tall male human in peak physical condition, standing in the entryway. His short cropped grey hair and sharp Star Control uniform unmistakably identified him as a military man as he strode into the room and took his place at the seat reserved for Earth's delegation. He was joined shortly thereafter by a shorter, slighter, younger, but no less well dressed second man, though in his case a business suit rather than a military uniform.

"What my counterpart means to say," said the second man, betraying just the slightest hint of annoyance, "Is that we send greetings to all representatives as the delegation representing Humanity at this council. I am Representative Garrett of the United Nations, and my partner is Fleet Admiral Clark of Star Control, and we will speak on behalf of Humankind in these proceedings. We hope these discussions will be fruitful for all."

"Yeah, yeah, enough with the small talk," growled the admiral, "Let's get down to business, starting with you." He pointed directly at Lord 004, seemingly entirely unintimidated by the massive Ur-Quan.

"What does it take before the Ur-Quan try and express some humility? You come in here, speaking as if your domination of other races is some kind of utopian wonderland of sunshine and rainbows, but let me tell you something. I served on a Cruiser during the war, and the peacekeeping forces on Earth after the shield went up and you Ur-Quan abandoned us to our own devices, and you have no idea what kind of hellworld that shield turned Earth into. Do you know what happens when you cram 18 billion people, most of whom had been born and raised on colony worlds, onto a planet the size of Earth and seal them in there? Mass chaos is what happens! By the time the shield fell, half of us were dead from famine, conflict, or despair! You think a blood red sky has no impact on the human psyche? Think again! We had finally figured out, as a species, how to stop killing each other and get along, and then you undid almost a century of progress in your so called efforts to preserve us. So I don't think you Ur-Quan know squat about what is best for anyone else. What I do know, though, is that if you keep up this whole restoration of the Hierarchy bit you've been going on about, we're going to find you in breach of your treaty with the New Alliance, and I'm guessing you probably don't want that to happen. It wasn't just the Chmmr who signed that, you know."

Done speaking, the admiral gruffly took his seat with a scowl. Representative Garrett smoothly picked up where he left off.

"As for other matters," he intoned, rapidly moving his fingers across the datapad in front of him, "We find any and all claims the Druuge representative to have made to be null and void, according to the Crimson Corporation's own trade laws. As stated in article 52, section 7, subsection 1, all trades are binding and irrevocable once goods and/or services are exchanged, and subsection 4 states that last minute verbal alterations to contracts are permissible and binding so long as both parties agree at the time of exchange. We feel this quite succinctly details why the Druuge have no valid claims over any Utwig property, nor can they attempt to charge for any repair costs as the actual repairs were not performed by a representative of the Crimson Corporation, and all parts were fairly acquired according to the aforementioned clauses. As for claims to this system, or any other outside of the recognized Druuge sphere of influence, these claims are also null and void. The Crimson Corporation took no active role in the liberation of this sector from the Ur-Quan, and so are not entitled to any recompense from these activities. And, before you bring up the Druuge Mauler crew that joined Captain Zelnick's fleet," the representative grinned slyly, "I have personally spoken with them. They have all terminated their employment with the Crimson Corporation and formed an independent company, and as they were fairly exchanged to Captain Zelnick for a Mycon egg casing, they are considered independent and do not wish to be represented by you during these proceedings."

"As for the rest of you," announced the representative, "We strongly encourage all races to avoid doing business with the Crimson Corporation. As their primary trade good is sentients, both Druuge and other races, this stands in violation of the New Alliance of Free Stars' charter and the prohibitions against enslaving others and slave trading. Whether your race is a member or not, this behavior is deplorable and should be shunned and discouraged whenever possible, and we encourage you all to show your displeasure with it by avoiding dealings with the Crimson Corporation."

His piece stated, Representative Garrett took his seat and yielded the floor.

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:58 pm
by krulle
We DO NOT enslave people!
Our working contracts are more extensive compared to your lacking and incomplete contracts, but nobody is a slave on our worlds or ships.
Our working contracts simply require extensive and best efforts by every single employee for the greater good of everyone.
This is demanding great sacrifices by everyone.
On the other hand, the Crimson Corporation also has extensive employee benefits the non-employees on our worlds do not benefit from!

the Druuge Maarin shouts, obviously very agitated.
We offer all necessities to live, extensive health care to ensure peak performance of all our employees, comprehensive skill enhancement trainings.

Also, we never said we represent all Druuge, nor that we represent only Druuge. We represent all employees of the Crimson Corporation. Please read the protocols of the plenar discussions so far, if you desire to throw in allegations of things nobody ever claimed.

Facing towards the Ilwrath representative, Maalin takes a deep breath, and continues in an hopefully amicable voice: Dear Ilwrath, our furnaces can burn nearly any burnable material. Due to the high energy demands of our industries, the technology has peak performance at highest temperatures. But at these temperatures, the fuel needs to have a certain volume and weight, and needs to be moving as much as possible to enlarge surface area for faster burning.
But to save your society, and your whole people, what is the price of the discomfort of few against the gains of millions?

We have heard stories of your religious worship rituals, and we can assure you, that our furnaces are a perfectly match for your society.

Regarding our plans with your Avatars: we are interested in your version of the star drive. We have found, that most species have slightly different implementations of the same basic principle. We have made some great progress regarding the efficiency of our own systems by comparing these differences and their applicability to our systems.
Usually we disassemble one of the traded ships into component blocks we can test separately, one ship will remain as is for comparative tests and how your components interact, and the last ship will be disassembled down to component screws.
Your crew will, for a certain amount of time, serve the Crimson Corporation in the science and space ship departments, and especially the higher ranks of your military crew will be asked to help completing our understanding of the Ilwrath society.
The last will help us in our future trade arrangements, for our mutual benefits.

Returning to face the Human delegates, Maarin takes a short peek at his notes, and grins:
Nice try, Mister... ah,... Garrett, but our company statutes does not have "Articles"... I do not even have to look up what the wording would be exactly, and what you may have misinterpreted.

Our trades with your Human... Zelnick, have been completed as discussed. Not always equal due to misunderstandments on both sides.
But the trade with the Utwig, the Ultron versus the Bomb, has never been agreed by us. The Utwig tricked us, not allowing us to say openly what we wish in exchange for the Ultron.
We have informed Captain Zelnick about this when he stole the bomb, but he even killed all of our task force. For this we require compensation by the New Alliance, more specifically, the Human "Star Control", the de-facto leader and active dicision makers of the New Alliance at the time.
5 Maulers can be replaced easily enough, but the desired planetary removal tool cannot be replaced. I have a copy of our compensation proposal aboard our Maulers. I will see to it that it will be transmitted to you at a time of your convenience.

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:30 pm
by palmpet
Priest Grahl seems to have considered the opinions of the various races and turns to face the Druuge.

Druuge Representative, We Will Have To Decline Your Offer. You Taking Some Of Our Already Small Population Is Out Of The Question! And By Our Religious Worship Rituals I Assume You Are Referring To The Outdated Worship Of The False Gods, Dogar And Kazon. After They Had Sent Us To Our Near Extinction A Visionary Stood Up And Had Figured Out Why Our Supposed Gods Had Betrayed Us. This Visionary Had Determined That The False Gods... Were A Test! A Test Of Faith By Our ORIGINAL Gods To See How Quickly We Would Abandon Them, But We Had Failed And We Faced Their Wrath. So Now We Serve Our Gods Of Old, In Hopes Of Being Forgiven For The Great Sin. This Is The True Reason For Our Change Of View! Also I Believe There Has Been A Translation Error, Our Ships Are Called Avengers Not Avatars.

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:35 pm
by gtb2002
Cheep-Guava directs his speech to the Ur-quan first.
We still haven't herd the terms of this "new hierarchy" or whether or not you represent your Genocidal brethren.
Then turns to the Druuge.
From my passing words with Captain Zelnick that he said you where cruel and unfair, and lying about powers you didn't know certain artifacts had.Also that you had a rule that any unarmed ship that passes though Druuge space is free game to be destroyed and scavenged.

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:19 pm
by Draxas
Admiral Clark scoffed at the Druuge representative.

"Like hell," he waved his hand dismissively, "I've seen the video logs from the Vidicator. Your task force was way out of your sphere, attempting to steal an artifact they had no claim to from an ally and member of the New Alliance. When confronted, your lead officer openly admitted to agreeing to the Utwig's alternate deal because he believed to be conning them with the Ultron in the first place, and thought he was getting conned in return. And when Captain Zelnick rejected the legitimacy of his claim to the device, he made threats, cut off comms, and attacked. Idiot got what he deserved, and so did your corporation: nothing. If you like, I've got a copy I can pull up on the main display that we can show all of the assembly here."

The grizzled veteran put on a mock-cheery smile that more closely resembled a snarl at that last statement.

"As for your ships and your slaves," he continued, "I've seen that damnable ship of yours, and the beastly furnace inside. That piece of crap doesn't burn anything efficiently, but we know for a fact that it's the final destination of every slave you take once you've interrogated any useful information out of them. It's less a generator, more a disposal unit for unwanted aliens, and you're all sick for thinking to use it for anything. Then again, considering you think the atmosphere of your own planet is a benefit to be generously bestowed by your corporation onto it's employees for the purpose of breathing, it's pretty clear to me that you, as a race, have some pretty twisted morals. Maybe even worse than those guys over there," he jabbed a thumb at the Ilwrath representative, "Because at least they're apparently trying to change."

Representative Garrett cleared his throat, "And on the subject of that, we are curious exactly what changes are being proposed to Ilwarth society. The New Alliance stands ready to aid any races in need, but we need assurances that the worst atrocities of the Ilwrath will not be repeated under this new regime. After all, up until very recently, your species took quite a bit of pride and enjoyment from torturing captured sentients as part of religious rituals."

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Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:17 am
by palmpet
Priest Grahl replies Happily to Representative Garrett.

I Would Be Glad To Tell You Hu-Man! We Understand Your Trepidation As It Is A Surprisingly Drastic Change To What You Are Used To. As I've Said We've Gone Back To Worshipping The Many Gods Of Old, Many Of Whom's Teachings Involve Living In Harmony With Others. We No Long Torture Or Sacrifice Sentients, Though We Still Sacrifice Beasts To Zith Of The Pelt.

Admittedly Many Of Us Still Carry The Instinct To Torture and Murder. But Most Of Those Ilwrath Are Too Fearful Of Our Gods To Even Consider Acting On Them. Many Of The Survivors Were Caretakers In The Brood Caves, Which Are Some Of Our Gentler... Comparatively At Least. If You Are Considering Sending Aid We Would Greatly Appreciate A Large Amount Of Base Metals For They Would Be Very Useful In Rebuilding Our Cities. As I've Heard You Hu-Mans Have Vast Amounts Of These.