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Re: The Grand Council IV - IC

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:21 pm
by krulle
The Druuge slowly rocks forward and backward in his swing, and shortly focusses on a kind of communication tool. Satisfied, and with a slight evil smile on his face, he looks up and says:
Our claims remain open for discussion, dear Utwig representative.
We understand, that from your point of view, you think the Ultron has adequately been paid for.
But the Ultron surely has revealed you the price we originally wanted to ask for.

Regarding the conflicting messages of our presence here, it seems the council will need to make a vote soon, whether to accept the Crimson Corporation and its representative as representative for most living Druuge, or not.
There is no other formal body able to represent the individuals living in the Persei star systems.

What is your definition of representative government, then?

Lords, Kings, Emperors?
Or only elected individuals in fair, secret and equal votes?
Or an entity that collects taxes to pay for essential infrastructure?

We, the Crimson Corporation, provide all infrastructure, all housing, energy, water, transport, communication in the Persei star systems, and the users of the infrastructure pay by usage for it. This does not differ from the way your typical take of government collects "taxes" and then builds houses, roads, water pipes, and so forth to provide housing, energy, water, transport and communication infrastructure.

Also, I have, under great pains, together with several colleagues, acquired the right to represent the Crimson Corporation here, and have been through great pains to be allowed to discuss any claims we have in the name of the Crimson Corporation. I have bet my personal future on this endeavour to be profitable, and will therefore do my best to make this Council a very profitable undertaking, which should open my path into the top level of the Crimson Corporation itself.
If you vote to neglect the only viable voice for the people living in the Persei systems by having me removed from the Council, you are neglecting the intention of this Council: to foster more cooperation between the organisations of the local star sector.

With a sigh, the Druuge representative looks around the few assembles representatives. He ends when looking the Kzer-Za straight into the eyes and adds:
If you can provide me with a list of requirements you consider necessary to be present in a society to be allowed to be represented here, then I can tell you how it works for the Crimson Corporation. Maybe you will then find, that our Crimson Corporation is indeed a company that does fit your requirement for representation for this Council.

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Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:31 am
by Maloo Oture
Lord 004, continuing to remain eerily silent and still, suddenly elongates its body to the point of nearly hovering over the central table. Somehow, the creature has become even more intimidating than before; Now imposing a sinister and dominant presence as its species might have done at the peak of their power in this space.

“Foolish Druuge, why have you come here? How did you avoid annihilation at the hands of the Kohr-Ah? We have dominated thousands of species and saved hundreds from total extinction. Your system of what you call a government was observed in approximately 38 species. Most of them are now encased in a slave shield. They could not buy their way out of the salvation that they forced the Ur-Quan to impose upon them. The rest bore sad testament to the effects of unrestrained instinct and emotion, their worlds covered in atomic fire or now barren because of gaian collapse. Your system is flawed and weak.”

Having finished berating the Druuge, the Ur-Quan turned its entire being to face the Utwig representative.

“Utwig. Your race is only here because the Kohr-Ah met us in battle before rendering the surface of your world, Fahz, to cinders. Because the Kohr-Ah are now defeated, and the primate has been destroyed, there is no way to know how close they were to turning their cleansing ships toward your space. This, especially after you intruded upon the battleground of the Doctrinal Conflict. You too are not eligible in the eyes of the Ur-Quan to lead this sector of space. You, like the Druuge, rely heavily on instinct and emotion. The proof of your folly is found in the destruction of the Sa-Matra. Your people traded a powerful precursor artifact, a bomb, to the Humans for a device that your entire race has bet its future on. Not only are you unfit for the role of leading this sector, you cannot even be trusted with the duty of protecting your own stars. You cannot even protect the device that your people hold so dear. It was your own people that saw it destroyed in the first place, was it not?”

Before finishing its last sentence, the Ur-Quan turned once more, this time facing the Ilwrath.

“Ilwrath zealot. Explain your presence here. After your insubordination during the doctrinal conflict, it was decided that, after winning the Sa-Matra, the Kzer-Za would return to your world to enforce a slave shield in retaliation of your blatant disobedience. Your fleet did not do as they were commanded and left the Earth Guard at Luna. Because of your mistake, the Humans were allowed to use their system, our own starbase, as a base of operation, leading to the downfall of the Hierarchy. You are to blame for the failure to capture Zelnick, to end this series of events before it began. Now, here you are, claiming to have been reborn in some change of attitude. What are your motives? What do you intend to gain from these proceedings?”

Finished with its condescension of the Ilwrath, Lord 004 finally retreated to its original position. Hanging in complete stillness yet again, it continued to speak.

“It is clear to me now, that even after defeating the Ur-Quan, you still need us. We are to be your protectors. We will be your guide into this new era. Each of you have not shown the traits or skills necessary to rule over a galactic governmental system. For that reason, we will create a new Hierarchy. This time not by force, but by superiority in technology, science, and experience.”

Lord 004 let its words echo through the chamber. The words reverberated around the room. The Ur-Quan retreated a bit further into its area and a shadow was cast upon it. The reflection of the room could be seen through the darkness in each of the six deep violet eyes as they blinked. In one swift motion, Lord 004 produced a talon-held device. It began to tap on it, twisting some of the rods that protruded from the sides. A small hologram suddenly appeared in front of the Ur-Quan. If the other delegates looked close enough, they could make out the plans for this new Hierarchy the Ur-Quan was now drawing up.

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Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:40 am
by krulle
Totally un-intimidated by the sheer display of power by the Ur-Quan representative, the Druuge claiming to be the most senior envoy of the Crimson Corporation answers:
Dear Ur-Quan,
You are not from this region of space. You forced us, who were generally living in peace with each other, and who were and are of no danger to your species survival, to either be enslaved and forfeit our own future, or fight as your battle slaves in battles which you could obviously not win alone.
Most species in this sector got what they deserve: their own freedom and right to decide for themselves where they want to go.
And now You wish to lead this council and enforce Your ideas on us?

No. This kind of insular enslavement is not good for economy and trade. We cannot welcome such ideas.

Furthermore, you still have not declared what your own future plans will be. Will you search for a new home in this sector? Will you return to your own homeworld? Will you continue your travels through the galaxy, and possibly even break the treaty the Chmmr required you to sign, to abstain from enslaving or genociding other races?
Will you reverse your travels, and set previously enslaved races free, and open their planetary shields so that they can form their own future again?

Also, we do not know whether you are here to represent all Ur-Quan, Kzer-Za and Kohr-Ah alike, or whether you represent only our own race, the Kzer-Za. These questions must be answered before the Council can fully start working.

Please declare yourself, and your plans.

And if your plans are to enforce your version of "peace" upon us, we can assure you that cooperation this time around between the people of this region will be even more harmonious and efficient than last time around, ensuring a much swifter and faster victory for us.

Maalin smuggly starts swinging in his chains again.
Then changing to a pained grimace, he mutters just above audible limits for Druuge, but well within the volume levels an Ur-Quan can hear:
And do not threaten me with your subtile displays of individual strength. You have not met the Chair of the External Relations Board of the Crimson Corporation, under whose guidance I work. Nor my mother-in-law.

He starts checking some notes he made during the previous speeches, and, just before the next delegate interrupts to give his own comment, adds:
Gaian collapse is an issue for everyone here. But your slaveshields you so "generously" enforce on us also blocks quite a range of the elctromagnetic spectrum, which is even noticeable in visible light ranges for most of our species, which lets a lot less energy coming from the sun to the local flora, which in turn grows less, and must adapt to the changed frequencies. This reduces inflow of usable energy therefore affects all fauna too.
The reduced inflow of solar energy also causes a reduction of average planetary temperature, thus greatly inflicting change upon the ecology.
On top of that, solar energy collectors become economically unfeasible, as they return less energy than the procution cost were. Which in turn forces the indigenous people trapped on the planet to look for other sources of energy, which is more of a burden for the nature.
How can you use your excuse of "preventing gaian collapse" and still construct your abominous slave shields, which in turn causes a collapse of the planetary ecology? From our point of view, the "slave shield" technology is extremely harmful for any environment.
You have a lot to explain. And handing over your shield technology to us and especially all races you previously enlsaved, would be a good start. Our scientists then can evaluate its full effects, which is a requirement for us to even consider discussing your claims ofthe "slave shield" as being a boon for the planets, and not being harmful.

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Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:06 am
by palmpet
Priest Grahl waits for the Druuge to finish and begins to address the Ur-Quan representative.

Well Ur-Quan Representative, We Were Under The Impression That Any Sentient In This Region Of Space Were Permitted to attend. Judging Our Actions While We Were Under The Command Of The Twin False Gods Is In No Way Fair!

He appears to calm down a bit and continues.

What Do We Wish To Gain You Ask? Why Only Aid For A Greatly Diminished Race. We Can't Get Help If We Don't Reach Out Now Can We?

Grahl finishes and anticipates a response.

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Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:11 am
by gtb2002
Sorry to be interrupting, but I couldn't help but notice we havn't talked about the Ur-quan paying reperations to the species they have wronged. Even more so than I thought if what the Druuge says about the slave shield is true. Anyways I Cheep-Guava of the Zeep-Zeep clan first of the victorious reveloutionary clans have come here as delgate for the joint pukunk-yehat.
Cheep-Guava looks suspiciously at the Ur-quan almost as if he thought his eyes could force the Ur-quan lord into the vaccum of space.

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Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:27 pm
by Quasispatial
The Utwig representative, having found themselves stuck in a phone waiting line which just seems to get longer the more time one spends in it, finally gives up with an annoyed "feh!". They turn off the device, and quickly turn their attention to their computer console, reading up on what they'd missed whilst they were fruitlessly waiting in line. It takes a few moments, but once all is said and done, they smoothly re-join the discussion almost as if they had never left, filling the empty air with their own words once more. Judging by their tone of voice, something really rubbed them the wrong way.

As they turn towards the largest being in the room, Nervi masks themselves with the dark-red Facáde of Righteous Fury before speaking with all the venom of a sapient creature who has just taken an insult personally.
"Do. Not. Insult. The Ultron." they begin, each word slow yet in possession of a deadly edge which would cause any lesser sapient to tremble, and which might unnerve even the mightiest of creatures. It is not a tone to be trifled with.
Their words continue, faster now but still in possession of the sharpest of edges; "You speak of things you know little of, Ur-Quan. The Ultimate is the Answer, the key to every question and so much more. Even here, so far from our home stars, the power of the Ultron reaches me through my kin, filling me with a power and a drive unlike any other. Were it here, I could feel your thoughts, your desires, even your purpose... and I could influence the threads of destiny in ways you could not even dream of. We know exactly when we would have met our end, had the Sa-Matra remained. I doubt you could say the same for yourselves. Your lack of respect for this grand device only shows your own unsuitability, bringing light to the same shortcomings which cost you your Trophy to begin with. Your disregard for other races is your greatest flaw, and one which will likely cause your ultimate demise."

Having gotten over the worst of the anger, the Utwig swaps mask for the Facial Ward of Unmovable Determination.
"The Utwig will not join your Hierarchy. We know it was our own actions that damaged the Ultron so terribly in the past, and that will forever be our greatest failure. The Ultimate has been restored, however, and rest assured, we will not be making the same mistake again. As the Druuge say, you are not without your own flaws. You condemn others, yet your own flaws are greater still. Until you realize your own limitations, you will be just as unsuitable for leadership of this sector as anyone else, and know that should you try to take leadership by force, we will be prepared. I am certain you shall wish to take this warning seriously."
With that said, the Utwig puts their Countenance of Stellar Representation back on, almost as if nothing had happened, and awaits the words of another representative.

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:29 am
by Maloo Oture
The Ur-Quan, somehow watching the proceedings and still constructing a new world order on its device, takes a moment to respond to the now numerous accusations and inquiries. As it does, a holographic recording of the original statement is played for the whole room to view.

First, the image of the Druuge is shown. Then the Ur-Quan responds:

“Druuge. Your retelling of events is accurate. The Ur-Quan have been defeated on the Path of Now and Forever, but we are not undone. We are not from this region of space, no. But it is because of us, that you were not all immediately destroyed by the Kohr-Ah.”

“I will now answer your many probing questions, despite the fact that you have not answered mine: How have you escaped annihilation at the hands of the Kohr-Ah?

The plans of the Ur-Quan are beyond your comprehension. Our interests do not lie with simple currency or materials as yours do. No, we do not need to search for a home. Our internal leadership are still finalizing the direction that we intend to travel from this region. At such time that they have given the order, you will be made aware as per the agreement set forth by the Chmmr. Finally, the Kohr-Ah have been defeated. They are nearly extinct. Their unwillingness to give in to the New Alliance of Free Stars starfleet led to their near total demise.”

“My plans are still calculated down to the very last minutia. You will come to see, in time, that this new Hierarchy will be most advantageous to all sentients.

“Your blatant lack of understand of the shield technology only serves to further prove that you are not ready for the burden of leadership. The shield technology will not be made available to those who cannot grasp its basic function. As an answer to your erroneous claims about the shield, I will elaborate on the radiation properties of the technology.

The slave shield, before being erected around the planet, is specifically calibrated for the species below. The Ur-Quan are not an evil race. We do not want to see the extinction of life. In fact, by encasing these worlds, we were preserving the life on them. While the visible light spectrum for most species is scattered across the surface area of the shield, essential radiation is filtered through and allowed to enter the planet's atmosphere.”

Next, the Ilwrath is shown in holographic form, repeating its questions from before. As before, Lord 004 begins to address the comments:

“Ilwrath. The Ur-Quan are not interested in your cultural upheaval. We do judge. But we do this based on facts. Now, what, specifically, is it that you want help with? Your homeworld remains unclaimed, does it not?”

The hologram flickers and the Yehat appears in the image, also repeating it's comments. Lord 004 continues:

“Yehat rebel. The Ur-Quan are prepared to follow the treaty presented by the Chmmr, and will remain in this region until the races here have been restored to their pre-war states. Make clear your demands, and the Ur-Quan will restore what has been interrupted.”

Finally, the Utwig's image appears in the hologram. The actual appearance of the being was almost visible for a fraction of a second before the mask appeared in the hologram. Lord 004 waited for the Utwig's speech to end and then added:

“Utwig. Your sudden and irrational outburst only serves to cement your inability to rule over this region of space with a level mind. Worship the device you call the Ultron if you wish. If the device works in such a way as you claim, then you must provide evidence. Until that evidence has been reviewed by all races in this sector, the Ur-Quan will consider it a mind control device. In these matters, we are all too aware of the consequences. We will not tolerate the use of such devices in our presence.”

“You, not unlike the other races in this region, will come to realize that this new hierarchy, our new hierarchy is in the best interest of all sentients. This new order will not service just the Ur-Quan. You must all put aside your primal instincts as we Ur-Quan have, and approach these matters with a scientific mind."

"You claim that our disregard for other races is our flaw. But, in fact, we care for all races. We have taken great pain in preserving them. Protecting them from the genocidal orgy that would have resulted from a Kohr-Ah victory during the Doctrinal Conflict. Whether or not you deem us suitable is irrelevant. Only the facts matter. And the fact is we are the most experienced. The most prepared.”

The hologram fades and the Ur-Quan, having addressed each of the delegates concerns, returned to its work on the device. Schematics for hybrid vessels suddenly flared up. An interesting combination of Yehat and Ilwrath technology were displayed in the space above the device. Once again, Lord 004 was somehow watching each delegate and simultaneously drawing up its plans.

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:36 am
by krulle
The visibly enraged Druuge immidiately grabs the chance the moment the Ur-Quan bureaucrat stops and shouts towards the Ur-Quan while visible spit droplets fly all around over the table:
A red glow when the shield is active? On planets whose species need the white light of an unfiltered sun?
Do not tell us that the Slave Shield is not harmless to the environment below!


We are also laughing at your definition of "essential radiation".
In our definition, the full visible light spectrum is part of the "essential radiation". For Humans, Gg, and Druuge individuals our scientists know that the visible light has a very large psychological impact. Removing large sections of the visible light spectrum leads to psychological disorders for these people, and should not be taken lightly. We have taken great efforts to develop lighting systems that radiate lights in the sensoric ranges of our customers, in percentages according to the natural occuring light emissions, to which these people have evolutionary developed.

Slightly less voluminous, but still enraged, Maalin adds:
As an example, we know that red light makes Humans more aggressive and defensive. It awakens their fighting instinct.
You may have, inadvertently, started the Human "rebellion" yourself!

Turning to the other representatives in the room, Maalin puts on a smile, and adds with a visible try for an amicable voice:
I have been granted permission to trade some samples of our formidable lighting systems against other technogical items, to prove that we have the best programmable lighting systems, adjustable to all known visible ranges, and variable according to mood and time of day. Please feel free to contact our trade attaché aboard my Mauler.

Relaxing in his chains, Maalin takes a look at his notes, sighs due to the amount of topics he left in his anger unresponded again.
He only manages to add one thing directed at the Ur-Quan before the next delegate speaks:
You still haven't stated whether You represent all Ur-Quan, or only the Kzer-Za.

Re: The Grand Council IV - IC

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:30 am
by palmpet
Grahl seems to be somewhat angry with the Ur-Quan but is clearly trying it's best to contain itself.

Well We Obviously Require Material Aid. Our Cities Are In Shambles, And Most Of Our Star Ports Are Non Fuctional. We Do Not Have The Materials Required To Repair Them And Most Of Our Current Population Is Untrained! Now, Onto The Nature Of Our Homeworld. It Is Not Entirely Abandoned. It's Infact The Main Reason We Still Live! We Did Not Use Your Cloaking Technologies Only On Our Ships. We Also Used It To Hide Our Largest Brood Caves, Where Our Young Are Raised And Trained. So The Majority Of Our Population Happens To Be Young.

He turns to address the council.

Now Of Course I Would Like To Ask All Attending Races If They Would Care To Aid Our Rebuilding Efforts?

Grahl finishes speaking and seems satisfied he was finally able to give his message.

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Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:01 am
by gtb2002
Visibly upset Cheep-Guava speaks in a enraged tone.
Cheep-Guava takes a moment to calm down then continues.
So we be thinking that at least you dishonorable slugs would own up to all the devestation ye have caused.