Classic Sites

While many fan sites have come and gone, we’ve managed to rescue a few of them from the flaming plasma that is the traditional fate of sites left unattended. These classic Star Control sites are hosted right here on PNF, frozen in time in a somewhat similar manner to certain marsupial females. Not completely unlike the Precursors, the owners of these sites blossomed and were highly active long before most of you were technologically advanced enough to notice them. In a similar fashion, they then mysteriously vanished. Only their code is preserved, like glittering Wimbli’s Tridents from an age long past.

So follow us on a journey into the past, when the SC sites were many and diverse! An era that seems almost as distant to us as the Sentient Milieu seems to the denizens of the SC universe.

SC saga

sc saga

This is a general SC site that contains all sorts of SC resources. It has an interesting layout and has tried to integrate all the SC facts it can muster into a fictitious post-war starbase. Don’t try to go to the next site in the SC Webring though, that’ll lead you way off. We've saved some, but not all of the old sites, and I don't think the webring is really there anymore.

Stans SC page

stans page

This is pretty interesting. Once again, we find ourselves at the starbase with some extra goodies. Nice layout here as well.



XR was a movie project long ago. It is still sort of worked on every now and then by Scott Irving who is also an admin on PNF. If you’d like to see progress here, go talk to him about it. There are several scripts and some work being done on them, but animation and methods are still not completely clear.



This is an old repository for 3D models created by Scott Irving. We've rearranged this material with some newer stuff under our . Scott Irving oversees this site as well, so if you want to know something about it he is your man!



This is the old Unoffical SCII page. A real blast from the past, as it was lost once and resurrected. Some hacks for PC SC2 here, as well as hints, jokes and all sorts of general fun stuff.

Fibs and brags


This is the link. It is a weird collection of images and ideas for some sort of idea for a spin off for Star Control. It's makers are long gone so we don't know if these were only generated images, or if there was something else as well. Either way, enjoy.

The Star Control Writers Collective (SCWC)


This used to be the site for fan fiction. There are still a lot of handy resources left, as well as many a merry tale from the SC universe. Nowadays, if you have fan fiction to share the SCDB section Heavy Space might be better suited to your needs. We're always on the lookout for people who have a passion for fan fiction. If this is you, give us a shout about setting up a new fan fiction section!

Star Control I

Star Control II

Star Control 3

StarCon (SC 4)

Star Control Origins