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We the Safe Ones, the Spathi High Council, would like to welcome you to The Pages of Now and Forever. This site is an unofficial informational resource dedicated to the Star Control games from Toys for Bob and . The Pages of Now and Forever (PNF or PoNaF) were first launched sometime in the summer of 1996 and has since grown to become the largest, most comprehensive volume of Star Control-related information in the world! Please enjoy your stay at The Pages of Now and Forever and visit us again often!

The Pages of Now and Forever were started by and maintained by one person for the first three years of its existance. However, September 1999 brought about the first of many *happy campers* that would help with various things around the site and would have the ability to post news on the site. These PNF Staff members affectionately became known as "deputies".

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Proud to Support Toys for Bob.

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